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TikToker Stunned After Guy She's Dating Calls Her An Uber Home Because He Doesn't Like Her Outfit

TikToker Stunned After Guy She's Dating Calls Her An Uber Home Because He Doesn't Like Her Outfit

When accompanying a significant other to a work function, one feels inclined to dress to impress.

That's exactly what TikToker @nikki.jabs thought she did for her boyfriend of three weeks.

But when he saw the outfit she chose to wear as his date to an opening for his retail company, to say he was less than pleased would be an understatement.

Upon seeing what she had on, @nikki.jabs' boyfriend sent her home in an Uber, effectively ending their relationship.

What this boyfriend, referred to as "Greg" in earlier TikTok videos, might not have been aware of is that @nikki.jabs uses her TikTok account to chronicle her dating adventures.

Needless to say, this particular episode resulted in a series of emotional videos.

After some earlier videos which indicated that @nikki.jabs and "Greg" seemed to be a match made in Hinge Heaven, @nikki.jabs subsequently posted a video seemingly recorded after "Greg"called her the dreaded Uber.


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@nikki.jabs didn't say a word in the 15-second video, but the video contained a lengthy overlay explaining everything that transpired.

"Its' been 3 weeks."
"I spent 40 minutes on my makeup to meet his friends and coworkers at a grand opening for the retail company he works for."
"He was too embarrassed to be seen with me in this outfit, so he sent me home in an Uber and went to the opening without me."

The outfit in question featured a shiny magenta jacket, under which lay a lacy black top, revealing a tasteful hint of @nikki.jabs's midriff, flowy light pink pants, and black high heeled shoes.

Viewers of this video were in disbelief at "Greg"'s behavior.






While @nikki.jabs had nothing to say in the first video, which received over 6.7 million views, she had plenty to say to "Greg" in a follow up.

WARNING: NSFW language

Reply to @1180sparky He wasn’t comfortable with me around his coworkers, but was comfortable sending me home with a stranger in an Uber.

In the 14-second video, @nikki.jabs angrily wondered what could possibly have offended "Greg" about the outfit she had worked so hard on.

With a few choice words, she pointed out her outfit revealed an inch of midriff at most and no cleavage.

In a slightly more restrained follow-up, @nikki.jabs revealed "Greg" had been making a number of remarks regarding her fashion choices in the three weeks leading up to her humiliating episode, showing a possible pattern of behavior.


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Still wearing the top which seemed to offend "Greg", @nikki.jabs began the video by revealing he had been urging her to dress more causally.

The video then cut to a screenshot of a text conversation @nikki.jabs had been having with a friend over this very topic, revealing "Greg" always told her to stop whenever she began putting makeup on.

Speaking directly to the camera, she then revealed in considerable detail how what she expected to be a fun night out with "Greg" instead turned into a sad, lonely ride home.

"So, today I went to go pick him up from work, and we were going to go out to dinner, and then go to his work function."
"And when he got into the car, he couldn't stop staring at me, and I had a feeling what was coming."
"And I kept asking, 'why do you keep staring at me', and he kept saying, 'Oh, nothing, oh, nothing', and then finally he was like 'you just look so pretty."

The video's overlay revealed this had proven to be "Greg"'s code for telling @nikki.jabs she was overdressed.

While the two were enjoying dinner before his work event, @nikki.jabs gave "Greg" an ultimatum, saying she was "going like this or not going at all."

It was the ultimatum which resulted in "Greg" calling her the now infamous Uber, which @nikki.jabs initially took back to his home so she could collect her things, revealing she had more or less been living there, and then returned to the van which she currently calls home.

She then clarified the bit of midriff shown as part of her outfit was too revealing for the athleisure wear company he works for.

But @nikki.jabs revealed it was not the last she heard from "Greg" that night.

He called her later that evening to inform her she left her laptop at his place, and apparently tried to woo her back when she came to retrieve it.

"Greg" even said the outfit she was wearing would have been perfectly fine for the event.

But @nikki.jabs ended the video by telling her viewers she "didn't have any of it."

While @nikki.jabs seemed angrier more than anything else in her first three videos, a subsequent follow-up revealed just how hurt she was by the whole experience.


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The video began with a shot of a seemingly resilient @nikki.jabs, apparently in the Uber "Greg" called for her, offering a peace sign to the camera.

However, a second photo, still in the Uber, captured @nikki.jabs' eyes filled with tears, which were confirmed by the overlay accompanying the image.

"Currently smiling, but trying not to cry."

The video then cut to an emotional @nikki.jabs, processing what "Greg" had just put her through.

"I'm just so sad because I spent so much time trying to look pretty."
"And he sent me home in an Über."
"Who does that? He sent me home with a stranger on a Friday night."

But those tears were apparently short lived, as the video then cut to a once more angry @nikki.jabs declaring she wouldn't "cry like a little b*tch" and bemoaning the state of her van after bringing everything she had been storing at "Greg"'s place back to it.

Hard as the experience clearly was for @nikki.jabs, many of the video's 6.1 million viewer's expressed "Greg"'s behavior indicated this was destined to be a toxic relationship, which she was lucky to get out of."






Here's hoping the next update regarding her dating life on TIkTok won't end in tears, unlike the "Greg" chronicles.