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Woman Stunned After Her Boyfriend Breaks Up With Her Because He Had To Buy Her Tampons

Woman Stunned After Her Boyfriend Breaks Up With Her Because He Had To Buy Her Tampons

Menstruation is a normal part of life.

But that doesn't stop people from placing shame and stigma on this natural bodily function.

A 21-year-old woman faced such from her 26 year old boyfriend. So she turned to the Relationship Advice subReddit for help.

Redditor averyfreakygirl posted:

"My boyfriend (26M) broke up with me because he had to buy me tampons."

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

"Yesterday I was at my boyfriend's house and I ran out of tampons. So I asked him if he could go to the store with me and get some."

"He said yes. Keep in mind I'm cramping very bad at this point and I'm fatigued outta my mind."

"So while we were driving there I asked him if he would go inside for me because it was pouring down raining and like I said I was cramping bad. He flat out told me no and I kinda laughed it off because I honestly thought he was playing."

"So when we got to Walgreens I asked him if he was gonna go get the tampons or did he want me to and he said 'I'll get it' with an attitude and went into Walgreens. At this point I'm just glad I didn't have to go inside because I don't think I could've done it."

"So he Facetimes me inside and I show him which ones to get. Then after he checked out he got back in the car and gave them to me."

"So this is when I realized he was legit mad at me. I told him thank you, he didn't say anything."

"I told him I loved him like five times, he didn't say anything. When we got back to his place his mom was there and she asked me what was wrong with him because he walked straight into the house and didn't hold the door open for me like he usually does and didn't speak to her either and I was just like I think he's mad because he had to buy me tampons."

"(y'all it sounds so dumb typing this like it's just tampons omggg)"

"So fast forward to that night. I'm starting to cramp bad again which made makes me nauseous and just feel like shit."

"He was laying next to me watching Netflix and I asked him if he could rub my stomach for me (my ladies know this feels so good while you're cramping). Once again he flat out told me no. I kept asking like was practically begging him to rub my stomach and he kept saying no no no."

"At this point I'm pissed off because I know he's still mad over some dumb a** tampons. I politely turned over on my side away from him and watched YouTube to distract me from the pain."

"So the next morning he got up from work and I got up too to go back to my house. We literally didn't say a word to each other and usually when we leave we always kiss each other but this didn't happen."

"Next thing I know I get a text from him—A F'KING TEXT—saying that we should break up because he thinks our relationship has ran it's course. And he won't answer the phone when I call or text me back."

"So yeah. I literally don't know what to do honestly I'm really trying to communicate with him but he's not replying."

"This isn't the first time he's gotten mad over something so small and petty. What do you guys think about this?"

"We've been together for 8 months."

Redditors told the OP her ex-boyfriend did her a favor.

"If he's not genuinely willing to go into a store and buy tampons for you, or rub your stomach to help your cramps out, imagine what other things that are far more important he's not going to be willing to do. Just keep that in mind." ~ Pugsmaster5000

"I'm glad you saw his true colors! Too many women, especially at our age (I'm 22) stick with terrible men hoping they'll change."

"I've done it and it's best to just gtfo. Take some time for yourself, grieve the relationship if you need to, but you will be fine." ~ speeeblew98

"A man who gets mad at you for being vulnerable is not a man you want to be with."

"There will be many, many more vulnerable moments on your life—you'll get sick, if you have children, pretty much the entire pregnancy/birth/recovery period, you'll need a lot of help from your partner, you'll age."

"And a man who expects to be taken care of but doesn't want to take care of you? Trash, throw him out, and learn from it for the next time." ~ Jannnnnna

"I'm happy you found out who he really is before you got a chance to marry him. You could have found this out much later, after having a family with him."

"There are plenty of guys out there who would go get you tampons, chocolate, and all that you wish for when you're not feeling well." ~ throwaway1928675

"Don't worry, you'll find someone who will GLADLY do that for you! If I asked my partner to get tampons or pads, he'd be like OKAY WHICH BRAND WHICH KIND WHICH SIZE and he'd bring me sh*t like ibuprofen and McDonald's as well without me even asking it, because he knows that's how you cheer me up."

"Also, if you don't have one, try something hot on your stomach when cramping! I have endo and literally the only thing that really eases my cramps is strong drugs and heat."

"I use a hot water bottle, but a heating bag will work as well. If the pain is that bad, see a specialist if you can: contrary to popular belief, you are not supposed to be in excruciating pain every month."

"Painful periods are not normal. It's an uphill battle because most doctors (even OB/GYNs sometimes) don't actually give a sh*t about diagnosing you."

"Took me years to get diagnosed with endo, because even my gyno wouldn't take me seriously. Literally shrugged her shoulders and told me to go home when I described my very clear symptoms."

"So, keep fighting if possible and/or necessary." ~ tuutlik

"Girl you dodged a bullet!" ~ HumanistPeach

"The best part is your life is your own again, and you don't have waste any more of your time." ~ Travel_Dreams

The OP provided no update, but if they listened to the advice they received they'll consider this relationship a learning experience that has run its course.