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Virginia Man Accused Of Assaulting Sushi Restaurant Owner After Trying To Skip Out On $70 Bill

Virginia Man Accused Of Assaulting Sushi Restaurant Owner After Trying To Skip Out On $70 Bill

Jordan Bevan was arrested by the Arlington County Police on May 11 for what turned out to be a repeat offense.

Back on May 4, Bevan appeared at Bonsai Grill in Crystal City, Virginia and operated by Henry Kim and his mother.

The 28-year-old proceeded to order and consume $70 worth of sushi before hurriedly leaving the restaurant without paying his bill.

Kim and his mother followed Bevan, demanding he return to the restaurant and pay for the food.

Bevan, however, repeatedly told the mother and son "No" and he was on an emergency phone call.

Kim recorded the exchange, which showed Bevan walking away from the pair, refusing to pay and demanding they not touch him.

You can watch the video here:

After Kim stopped recording the incident, the mother stated she would call 9-1-1.

In response, Bevan allegedly became violent, pushed Kim's mother to the ground and used racial slurs against them.

Kim recalled:

"When we got to the corner over there, that's when he started saying, like, racial slurs. Like, 'Get out of my face. You Asians have the [virus]. I don't want it from you guys. Get away."

Kim confirmed for the police and the press this was hardly the only incident to have occurred at the restaurant, both in regards to racial slurs and not paying for food.

But as it turns out, once Jordan Bevan was identified, the police were able to confirm Bevan had done this before.

Ironically, Bevan was arrested when a patrol officer recognized him from a previous altercation.

When Bevan was arrested, he faced multiple counts of defrauding an innkeeper, felony assault and battery and stolen food.

DC Reporter Aimee Cho wrote:

"Arlington Police say this isn't the first time Jordan Bevan's been arrested for dining and dashing."
"Police say in April, Bevan dined and dashed at a Pentagon City restaurant."
"[He] then returned the next day, promised to pay for both meals, and walked out on the tab again."

The Virginia State Police also intend to ask the latest altercation at Bonsai Grill be classified as a hate crime.

The Kim family reported Henry Kim's mother is well. Mother, son and restaurant are all feeling relieved after Bevan was apprehended.

Kim's mother had multiple scrapes on her arms and hands from the assault, but she decided not to go to the hospital.

Kim stated:

"[My mother is] doing a lot better. Thank God. When she fell down, she was really hurt in the elbows and hands."
"When he [Bevan] pushed my mom to the ground, I was very scared. I was just worried for her at that moment, but I'm happy she's OK now."
"We're not here to bother anyone or hurt anyone. We're just here to make better lives for ourselves and help our children out."

People were disgusted at how Bevan treated the family.

It has not been announced when Bevan will appear in court, if he will receive bail, or if this incident will indeed be charged as a hate crime.