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Lauren Boebert Absurdly Accuses Dems Of Trying To 'Get Rid Of Parents' With Gender-Neutral Language

Lauren Boebert Absurdly Accuses Dems Of Trying To 'Get Rid Of Parents' With Gender-Neutral Language
Win McNamee/Getty Images

Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert made the absurd claim that Democrats are "trying to get rid of parents," a claim which is only her latest in a long string of outlandish claims.

Nine months ago, the House of Representatives approved rules about the language that would be used in official documents as part of an effort to include more inclusive language.

For example, "Chairman" would become "Chair," and "father" and "mother" would be replaced by "parent," an acknowledgment that there are plenty of children out there who do not have a mother or a father.

Boebert suggested that Democrats are undermining parenting by employing gender-neutral language.

She wrote:

"Radical liberals want to get rid of the word 'mother' and 'father' because they want to get rid of parents all together."
"To them, the state is supposed to raise children."
"NEVER surrender your children."

Boebert's claim has been widely mocked and it's left many wondering what in the world she is talking about.

Boebert's claim is not unique to her. It has previously been used as a talking point by prominent members of the Republican Party.

In August, Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair Ronna McDaniel received applause during the final session of the RNC's annual summer meeting after she made the erroneous claim that Democrats are trying to take away people's rights to call themselves "mom."

McDaniel said:

"We will not allow unions to do anything other than that the United States is the greatest nation on Earth. And finally, the Democrats cannot take away my right to call myself a mom."
"I am not a 'birthing person,' I am a mother, and it's the most important job I will ever have."

There is no evidence that Democrats want to stop people from calling themselves mothers. Nor has any Democrat ever gone on record to declare as such.

McDaniel's declaration that she is not, contrary to the supposed Democratic imposition, a "birthing person" is also misleading.

The phrase "pregnant person" was used recently in CDC guidance to acknowledge that not all people who give birth identify as women.

The words "birthing people" were used in President Joe Biden's 2022 budget proposal, in a similar rejection of gendered terms and pronouns for more inclusive ones.