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Lauren Boebert's Attempt To Own The Libs For 'Destroying Our Freedom' Blows Up In Her Face

Lauren Boebert's Attempt To Own The Libs For 'Destroying Our Freedom' Blows Up In Her Face
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

GOP Congresswoman Lauren Boebert's career has been under scrutiny since the Capitol insurrection.

Boebert, an extreme right-wing pro-second amendment member of the Republican party, was pinpointed spreading the Big Lie of Donald Trump's "stolen election" that resulted in the election of Democrat Joe Biden by over 8 million more votes.

But a statement she made on Twitter about the Democratic party sounded a little too much like her own precious GOP to be ignored.

Since she didn't name a specific political party in her lambasting tweet, people were all too quick to point out that the Republican party is indeed the party attempting to destroy freedom.

Boebert has also been associated with the QAnon conspiracy theory-a widely debunked conspiracy theory that the US government, specifically the Democratic party, are part of a global cabal that drinks the blood of children.

Boebert has also become increasingly angry on her social media regarding President Biden's executive legislation in favor of gun control, an aspect of the left-wing agenda that Boebert has made known she despises.

"It's clear Democrat gun control laws don't work," she wrote. She then falsely claimed:

"Just look at the cities they control. If violent crime were down in places like Chicago, Portland and D.C., we might entertain their logic. Their failed policies don't prevent violence or protect our communities."

The GOP seems to continue to barrel toward being the party of Q and Trump, causing in-fighting amongst the more moderate members of the party, and leaving GOP congress in charge of the likes of Boebert and compatriot Marjorie Taylor Greene, another QAnon conspiracy theorist who has been elected to power.

The party itself can no longer hide who they truly are; and Boebert's Twitter feed is a great example of that.