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Lauren Boebert Mocked After Her Campaign Listed The Wrong State On Her Fundraising Report

Lauren Boebert Mocked After Her Campaign Listed The Wrong State On Her Fundraising Report
Win McNamee/Getty Images

Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert has been accused of incompetence after her campaign mistakenly identified her as a representative of Utah in a report submitted to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) on Thursday, October 28.

An earlier version of the report that had been filed for the campaign's third quarter of 2021 listed Boebert's state as Colorado. A revised version changed the state and congressional district from Colorado 03 to Utah 03.

The error was first reported by Forbes, which noted that the filing was edited again after its reporters reached out to Boebert's campaign.

Boebert was swiftly mocked.

The filing error isn't the first time Boebert has run afoul of the FEC.

Federal agents have probed Boebert's apparent personal use of thousands of dollars in campaign funds.

Their action came after the FEC sent a letter to the treasurer of Boebert's 2022 reelection campaign informing them of their investigation after four Venmo payments totaling more than $6,000 raised red flags.

The agency noted it will "consider taking further legal action" in the event investigators determine any of the Venmo payments "constitutes the personal use of campaign funds."

Boebert also drew the ire of the feds after she failed to disclose her husband's income from an energy firm.

Boebert's husband, Jayson Boebert, made $478,000 last year working as a consultant for "Terra Energy Productions." No such company exists.

However, Terra Energy Partners, a Houston-based firm that claims to be "one of the largest producers of natural gas in Colorado," has a heavy presence in Boebert's district.

Boebert's campaign finance disclosure lists "Boebert Consulting—spouse," but lists Jayson Boebert's income as "N/A."

The Boeberts claimed that their income came from their restaurant, Shooters Grill, which lost $143,000 in 2019 and $226,000 in 2020.

Soon after winning her election, Boebert began advocating against climate legislation, some of which would impact gas production in the long run.