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Black Woman Hailed As A Hero After Secretly Infiltrating 'White Lives Matter' Groups To Bring Them Down

Black Woman Hailed As A Hero After Secretly Infiltrating 'White Lives Matter' Groups To Bring Them Down

32-year-old Denise Bradley goes by the handle @auntkaren0 on TikTok. Bradley's TikTok page is almost exclusively devoted to exposing bigotry and racism.

Bradly currently has over 1.4 million followers on TikTok

Recently, Bradley infiltrated racist "White Lives Matter" groups on Facebook in an effort to expose their bigotry and get them removed.

Bradley shared an update on her mission in a video posted to TikTok on October 10 which has since received nearly 250 thousand views.


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Bradley revealed one of the groups she "infiltrated" discovered her and kicked her out of the group.

But, as Bradley told her followers, that was only one of four profiles she used to sneak her way into the group.

She also took a moment to thank all the followers who joined her in infiltrating the group, and delivered a call to action.

"Look, we gotta take this group down."

Bradley then shared screenshots of some of the appalling content which she found in the group, including one member expressing their horror at the idea of Michael B. Jordan becoming the first Black superman.

Bradley also revealed the group was determined to discover her identity, which Bradley greeted with an amused laugh.

The comments section of the video was filled with support for Bradley and her determination to expose rampant bigotry.




However, a number of TikTokers also expressed their concern for Bradley's safety, terrified of how members of this "White Lives Matter" group would behave should they find her.




But Bradley, for her part, doesn't seem remotely concerned, telling The Daily Dot if she gets under the skin of member's of these groups, that means her mission is working.

"I want them to feel uncomfortable."
"They shouldn't be able to display so much hate and bigotry. "
"They don't deserve a space on any platform."

It would seem the October 10 video was an unqualified success, as The Daily Dot reported Facebook removed the group on Tuesday owing to "violation of the community standards of the platform."

Bradley also made it clear to The Daily Dot she does not sink to the level of the members of these groups, and she and her friends only troll them with messages of "unity and positivity."

According to The Daily Dot, there are at least 17 "White Lives Matter" groups on Facebook, as well as a number of "Blue Lives Matter" groups, meant to show solidarity with the police, but often viewed as a thinly veiled protest against the"Black Lives Matter" movement.

Membership numbers of these groups range from the dozens to the hundreds.

Bradley took on another "White Lives Matter Group" in a follow up TikTok video posted on October 15.


#greenscreen #IKnowWhatYouDid #racism #alllivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #biden #trump2020 #awareness #viral #conservative #liberal #tdwhbwwh

After introducing viewers to "what it's like being the only Black person in a 'White Lives Matter' group," Bradley shared a screenshot of a disgruntled member who condemned the popular Netflix series, The Babysitter's Club.

The bigoted member accused the series of praising "sinners that are gay" and that it was trying to "push their agenda" on its young viewers.

The screenshot also captured a comment to the post, declaring "Devils children coming after us."

The new Netflix adaptation of the popular book series was met with considerable acclaim for including a transgender character, and has also made headlines for the stars of the series using their social media platforms to promote a number of "Black Lives Matter" resources.

The video then cut to another post, featuring a picture of a desolate waste-land, asking viewers to "imagine the world without White people" in its caption.

This was followed by what Bradley claimed was her personal favorite, an appalling poem of how little love there was for White people in this world, "even from other White people."

The video then cut to a picture of a promotional billboard for WhitePrideRadio.Com, which Bradley declared to be "exactly what you think it is."

Bradley then revealed a post featuring a photograph of herself, claiming there were over 103 hateful comments on that picture, all determined to find out who she was.

But once again, Bradley seemed remarkably unfazed by what could easily be viewed as a blatant threat, instead cutting to a laughable picture of what appeared to be Jesus Christ offering moral support to Donald Trump, accompanied by a zinger from Bradley:

"Now, I didn't know this, but apparently Trump and Jesus, are like this [crossed fingers]."

The video ended with a photo of an adorable puppy, which Bradley claimed was there to "remind us that they're human".

While Bradley was once again met with considerable praise from her followers, there was more blatant shock and horror at the content Bradley revealed.

A number of TikToker's also felt the man in the picture with Donald Trump resembled someone who was a far-cry from Jesus Christ.






Grateful as Bradley's 1.4 million followers are for her exposing this racism and bigotry, others fear Bradley has found herself on a slippery slope.This includes a UK based cyber security expert, Scott Storey, who told BuzzfeedNews as honorable as Bradley's intentions are, exposing names in the manner she does could qualify as harassment.

"It's kind of easy to understand why people do it."
"They feel they're doing it for a good reason: to out racists."
"The only people that would object to that generally are other racists, but it is still harassment."
"Doesn't matter if it's based on public information."

But Bradley maintains everything she posts on her TIkTok page is not harassment, but rather holding accountable those that deserve it.

"I try to preach on my TikTok that we don't need to approach anyone."
"The best thing is what we're doing now is holding people accountable through spreading the word."

It's easy to imagine reading what these bigoted members of these groups have to say could easily take an emotional toll.

But it would seem to all be part of the job for Bradley who told Buzzfeed News she lives by a saying her grandmother told her as a child.

"The devil works hard, but we work harder."