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Bizarre 'B*tch, I'm A Cow' Song Is Apparently The Internet's Jam Of The Summer 🐄 😂

Doja Cat/YouTube, @mook_lyde/Twitter

You don't have to understand it to love it.

Rapper Dojo Cat AKA Amala Zandile Dlamini, released a tongue and cheek video on Tuesday that has us all scratching our heads, but happily singing along to lyrics such as:

I go mooo/ Mooo Mooo Mooo/ Yeah I say Bitch, I'm too smooth I'm not in the mood/ Tryna make moves.

The song and video which took less than five hours total to create, went viral over the weekend on YouTube with nearly a million views and it's no wonder why. Take a listen and see if you don't find yourself repeating, "Bitch, I'm a cow."

Cows have never been so cool.

How can we not be happy with lyrics like these?

For real, this may be the runaway hit of the summer.

Some folks were worried Bitch, I'm a Cow would overshadow Dojo Cat's real talent.

Even Dojo Cat seemed a bit surprised by the attention.

Fans can't wait for the new stuff while still appreciating the moo.

Until her new stuff comes out we'll just be over here singing, bitch, I'm a cow... bitch, I'm a cow,,, mooooo mooooo...

H/T: The Root, People

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