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TV Presenter Faces Slew Of Backlash After Calling For U.K. To Sing 'Happy Birthday' To The Queen

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In the midst of a health crisis, TV presenter Ben Fogle called on the UK to join together in singing Happy Birthday to the Queen on her 94th birthday next week.

But his suggestion has been met with scathing responses on Twitter.

“It's the Queens birthday next Tuesday. Let's throw her a surprise," Fogle wrote.

“We are calling on the whole country to sing Happy Birthday from our windows and doorsteps."

“Let our song bring good cheer not just to Her Majesty but to the whole nation #singforthequeen."

Fogle's tweet has had more than 7,000 likes, but he also faced a barrage of criticism.

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“Put a sock (in it) Fogle. Just ask for a knighthood like everyone else," one replied.

“Really misread the room with this one Ben," another said.

“I shall be singing from my window at 9AM on April 21. But I'm not sure Ben Fogle is going to be a fan of the lyrics," Empire magazine journalist Chris Hewitt said.

“Ben Fogle accidentally brings the nation together as Twitter does its thing," another said.

“Or we could all sing Can I Have My Money Back?" Graham Smith, chief executive of Republic which campaigns for an elected head of state, said.

Others called for a Yodel for Fogle instead and pointed out it was no longer a surprise.

The Queen has been staying at Windsor Castle during lockdown with the 98-year-old Duke of Edinburgh.

The head of state said if we “remain united and resolute" in the face of the coronavirus outbreak “we will overcome it".