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Dunkin Donuts' Customer Gets A Shock After Realizing Ben Affleck Is Working Drive-Thru Window

Lisa Mackay snapped a photo of the Oscar winner as he handed her a coffee while filming a commercial with Jennifer Lopez in Massachusetts.

Ben Affleck on cell phone and holding Dunkin Donuts coffee
Photo by Bellocqimages/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

When an entertainer really enjoys a product, it stands to reason we would see them sporting the product frequently. But while we're used to seeing a large cup of Dunkin Donuts' coffee in Ben Affleck's hand, it's still surprising to see the actor working in one of their drive-thru windows.

But that's exactly what Batman and Good Will Hunting fan Lisa Mackay saw while visiting her favorite Dunkin' Donuts in Medford, Massachusetts—Affleck's hometown.

While hitting the drive-thru at Dunkin', Mackay was surprised when she got to the drive-thru window to see Affleck working in a black Dunkin' Donuts t-shirt, hat and headset, passing her drink order to her through the window.

Mackay of course took the opportunity to take a picture of a surprised and also somewhat bemused Affleck and posted it to Instagram.

It was noted Mackay also signed a waiver for permission to share her photo and for her to keep any information she gathered about why Affleck was there to herself.

Mackay was able to say Affleck was true to some of his most beloved characters as he was "incredibly funny and quick-witted" during their brief encounter.

And of course, some onlookers developed their own theories about why Affleck was there, especially since his wife, Jennifer Lopez, was also on scene.

Some assumed the pair of actors might be filming a commercial together, working on a collaboration with the company or otherwise participating in an advertising campaign.

Others thought it made total sense for Dunkin' Donuts to finally partner up with the actor.

More than a few asked if one specific "actual customer" made an appearance.

Whatever the reason they were there, customers who were looking to add a little "oomph" to their day with a nice coffee likely felt an additional boost to their day when they saw the pair of A-list actors on site.

And if nothing else, having an actor pass your drink order through a drive-thru window would surely make it one of the most memorable coffee orders you would ever place, even if the order turned out to be wrong.