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Bartender Ate 'Soup' From His Restaurant For Every Meal Before Discovering It Wasn't Soup At All

A former bartender on TikTok shared a story in which he ate bowl after bowl of "soup," which turned out to be something VERY different.

screenshots of pbnjonny from TikTok

A TikTok user decided to share a story from the golden years when bars and restaurants welcomed customers at full capacity and kitchens bustled all night.

But this was not a happy story.

More than anything, it was simply bizarre.

For the video, TikTok user Pbnjonny got comfy on his bed and took a selfie video, delivering a monologue that outlined a total debacle he suffered through while working as a bartender.

He explained the bar/restaurant he worked at was rather generous as each night came to a close.

"So the chefs would leave us and the night staff food to take home at the end of our shift. So for like a week I took home massive containers of this delicious soup."
"You don't understand, I was eating this soup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I was obsessed."

You can watch him confess here:

@pbnjonny My bartender friends still bring it up to this day ##food ##storytime ##fyp
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But nothing lasts forever.

"And then for like a couple of days I got really sick. Like stomach flu stuff and then I missed work."
"So the next time I went back to work there was food there for us but my manager pulled all the bartending staff aside and was like, 'So the chefs have noticed that a lot of hollandaise sauce was going missing."

Pbnjonny had no choice but to face the consequences—emotional and physical—of what he'd just done.

"So it turns out I was consuming bowl after bowl after bowl of straight up hollandaise sauce. Just mustard and gosh damn egg yolk for a week."
"And that's why I got super sick. And then shortly thereafter I developed a severe intolerance TO EGGS!"

People who saw the video enjoyed his total blunder a lot more than he did. 🤢


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Some people simply could not pass up the opportunity to let the puns fly.


Biff Bufflington/TikTok

Others, however, called out his loose grasp of the inner workings of hollandaise sauce.




In a followup video, Pbnjonny had some choice words for those recipe nerds.

@pbnjonny Reply to @_bringthesunshine_ ppl like to make a big deal out of nothing ##eggs ##hollandaisesauce ##fyp
♬ original sound - Pbnjonny

Moral of the story?

Whatever is in hollandaise sauce, don't eat it by the bowlful for every meal for an entire week.