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Bartender Forced To Split $16k Tip Customer Left Her With Rest Of Staff—And The Internet Isn't Happy

Bartender Forced To Split $16k Tip Customer Left Her With Rest Of Staff—And The Internet Isn't Happy

Twitter has gone off the rails because a bar restaurant owner split a tip given to a single bartender between the other bartenders and serves.

At The Stumble Inn Bar and Grill in Londonderry, New Hampshire, an anonymous customer with a bill of $37.93 decided to tip $16,000 to the bartender. It was tweeted that owner Mike Zarella decided to split the tip between the other servers as well.

Zarella told TODAY Food about what happened:

"A gentlemen came in at the bar and ordered a beer and a couple of chili cheese dogs, and then he ordered pickle chips and a Patron (tequila) drink."
"At around 3:30, he asked the bartender … for the check. She gave it to him and walked away, and then he said to her, 'Don't spend it all in one place.'"

The customer only ordered chili cheese hot dogs, pickle chips and a tequila drink.

The bartender, Michelle McCudden, hadn't looked at the tip amount right away because the restaurant was so busy. When the customer repeated several times, "Don't spend it all in one place," she checked the receipt.

Zarella continued:

"She said, 'Oh my god, are you kidding me?' She said, 'No, no, that's crazy,' and he said, 'No, I want you to have this."
"He's come in a few times since then… Last Saturday night he came in, I sat with him to talk with him for a couple of minutes."
"I told him that we were all uncomfortable with that kind of money, and he said no, he wanted this to happen."

According to NBC 10 Boston, there were eight servers working that night and all staff members regularly share tips with one another.

McCudden explained what happened next:

"We went up and we thanked him."
"It's just been a really rough year for all of us. For someone to do something like that really restored my faith in humanity."
"He just said that we work really hard and he wanted to do something nice and he just really wanted us to have it."

Even though the tweet was later corrected, it made many people upset that it was assumed Zarella made this decision without the consent of the other staff.

Now, people are leaving bad reviews on google.

Amaka Ubaka tweeted a clarification as well but her original tweet has already gotten over 800 comments and 9.3 thousand retweets.

Zarella said:

"People that are well-deserving got a huge tip."

Regardless of the tips being slip, Daily Dot writes that the tip helped a single mom plan a vacation.