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Restaurant Server Confronts Customer After He Left His Phone Number—But Didn't Leave A Tip

Restaurant Server Confronts Customer After He Left His Phone Number—But Didn't Leave A Tip

A TikTok went viral when a server confronted a customer who left his phone number but didn't give a tip.

Giving a tip is customary in America, but is also highly debated. Most people tip their server because the federal minimum wage for a tipped worker is $2.13 an hour if they make a minimum of $30 in tips a month.

This viral video comes on the heels of a debate around tipping with gift cards instead of cash.

In this instance, the user who goes by Sagetha or @momitsyourbirthday on TikTok shared the text she sent to the customer who gave his phone number and called her cute but didn't give her a tip.

Sagetha texted:

“Next time you leave your number, make sure you leave a tip."

Sagetha said in the video:

"I'm proud of myself, can you tell?"
"I can tell."
"No, but really, the bill was over $200 and they did not leave a tip."
"But they did have the audacity to leave one of their numbers and tell me they thought I was cute."

That video reached 289.4 thousand likes and 1.9 million views.


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As always, this sparked a debate about whether or not people should tip just for the sake of tipping.







And as always, TikTok had jokes.

@dizzygamingig/TikTok; @momitsyourbirthday/TikTok

But all jokes aside, Sagetha did give a follow up video after the customer texted back.

It seems the person paying the bill was not the person who's phone number was left at the table.

The customer seemed appalled his friend didn't leave a tip, so he followed up with him. Sagetha did check the camera's to be sure no one stole the tip before she could find it and they didn't see anything.

The customer said:

"Well great now I look like the idiot."
"I really do apologize we are not those people at all."

The person who was supposed to pay the tip sent her $75 over Venmo, which is about 37.5% of the bill.

Much more than the customary 20% tip we usually see.


Reply to @missyfalco #server PSA get what you want

In another video, Sagetha talked about how tipped workers also have their tips taxed.

There is a law that states employers should make up the difference if they are unable to meet the minimum of $7.25 an hour (which may vary depending on the state), but ultimately it is expected the tips will cover the lack of substantial wages.


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Hopefully, more people will realize how crucial it is for tipped workers to receive their tips, but also to end tipped wages and just pay servers a living wage.