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'Broke' Guy Sparks Debate After Tipping Server With $25 Amazon Gift Card Instead Of Cash

'Broke' Guy Sparks Debate After Tipping Server With $25 Amazon Gift Card Instead Of Cash

A viral TikTok started a debate when a "broke" guy decided to tip their server with a $25 Amazon gift card because he didn't have cash.

The poster, Kaitlyn (@kaittwest) made a short video showing a man placing the Amazon gift card over the bill, which came to $95.24.

The text over the video said:

"He asked if he could tip with a Amazon gift card."

The reason they gave was in the caption:

"Holidays left us #broke."

The video reached 245.2 thousand views and 14.9 thousand likes.


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The gratuity was calculated on the bill. It said for 15% would have been $13.05 and 20% would have been $17.95. Both were less than the $25 gift cards.

A few commenters were upset with the gift card.



Some joked that there isn't anything actually on the card in the first place.


However, a lot of commenters were in support of man giving the gift card, especially because it was more than the suggested 20% tip.

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There are definitely still people who only tip if they thought the server did a good job. People even admitted it in the comments.


But many people are calling to abolish tips because a tipped wage is below the minimum wage. It puts it on the customers to make up for that loss of wage that the employer isn't paying for.





As mentioned by @advent_sanctity, tips are taxable income. Whereas the $25 gift card to Amazon is considered a "gift" and not taxable. Maybe we should think about creative ways to tip our servers who have been working hard through the pandemic.