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Former Baseball Star Says He's Training His Sons On 'How To Use A Gun' In Case Bernie Beats Trump In 2020

Former Baseball Star Says He's Training His Sons On 'How To Use A Gun' In Case Bernie Beats Trump In 2020

Aubrey Huff is a former player for the San Francisco Giants, but is now known mostly for his conservative tweets.

Though many of his posts seem to be inspired by the far-right, one recently crossed a line and caused a major controversy on social media.

Alongside a picture of himself at a firing range, Huff wrote about teaching his children how to shoot just in case Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist, became President.

If that was the truth, the ability to hit "head shots" would apparently become necessary:

"Getting my boys trained up on how to use a gun in the unlikely event [Bernie Sanders] beats [Donald Trump] in 2020. In which case knowing how to effectively use a gun under socialism will be a must."

Huff added:

"By the way most the head shots were theirs."

He then tagged the National Rifle Association (NRA) and BlazeTV personality Chad Prather as if both would support training children to murder political opponents.

Kathy Griffin, who was briefly ostracized from the entertainment industry for posing with a fake decapitated President Trump-head, highlighted the fact that conservatives could actively advocate for gun violence with no obvious consequences.

Huff responded as if Griffin was the dumb one for calling him out.

When Tom Arnold posted backing Griffin up, Huff lashed out at him as well.

This is the same former baseball player who, this past May, said that athletes should keep their political opinions to themselves.

Meanwhile, all across Twitter, Huff was being dragged.

Huff briefly tried to defend himself...but was quickly shut down.

Kathy Griffin also continued to spar with Huff, quoting reports of his past questionable behavior.

Huff's tweet, in which he fantasized about gun violence in the event of a Democratic victory in 2020, was condemned even by many conservatives.

Obviously, gun violence is never the answer.

For Huff, the answer is more likely something simple like "stay off Twitter."

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