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Anti-Vax Woman Films Herself Licking Everything At Grocery Store To 'Boost' Immune System

Anti-Vax Woman Films Herself Licking Everything At Grocery Store To 'Boost' Immune System

A viral video of an outspoken anti-vaxxer licking everything she comes in contact with in a grocery store has people all over the internet slack-jawed.

Jodie Meschuk, a blogger and author who claims autism is a curable condition caused by vaccines, recently posted the video to her Instagram account. Filmed by her young son, it features her licking produce bags, door handles, shopping carts and other objects in a Colorado grocery store.

The video, along with Meschuk's Instagram profile, has since been deleted amid the uproar, but a screen capture has been preserved on Reddit in the aptly named IAmATotalPieceofSh*t subReddit.

See it below, if you can stomach it.

In her video, Meschuk was seen licking the various objects while claims about the health benefits of her leaving her germs and saliva all over a public place appear on screen.

In one caption, she claims:

"Germs fortify your immune system."

In another, she asserts:

"Exposure to germs build defenses against asthma and allergies."

Meschuk also claimed that exposing people to her germs helps the digestive system. Which may be true so long as they don't kill someone with a suppressed immune system first!

Meschuk, who is not a doctor and has no medical credentials whatsoever, is a well-known anti-vaxxer who claims vaccines cause autism and that she has discovered a cure for the condition. Both points are total fabrications that have been established as such by extensive peer-reviewed research done by accredited medical doctors and scientists.

Nevertheless, Meschuk has written a book on the subject titled Autism Reimagined: Our Story of Reversing the Diagnosis.

So if Meschuk is so proudly a supposed authority on medical matters, why did she delete her Instagram video? Probably because people have recently fallen into legal jeopardy for doing exactly what she did.

Since the pandemic began, several people have been fined and charged with crimes for licking items in shops and coughing on bystanders as a way of showing their displeasure with various pandemic restrictions while also endangering people's lives in the process.

On Twitter, people were appalled by Meschuk's bizarre and sick antics--and many of them told her so directly.

We wish Ms. Meschuk the best of luck in her upcoming court case.