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Another Sinkhole Has Opened Up Just A Block From The White House, And Here Come The Jokes 😂

ALEX EDELMAN/AFP/Getty Images // @MsEmilyEdwards

The government shutdown is in its 33rd day, President Donald Trump's border wall is far from popular––in fact, a New York Times analysis found that "The wall has consistently been unpopular, with voters opposed by around a 20-point margin over months of national surveys. That makes it even less popular than the president himself."––and many people out there who, between the president's contentious appearances and even angrier tweets, wish he'd just fall into the Earth and disappear.

Perhaps they'll get their wish?

News outlets are reporting that a sinkhole opened up yesterday afternoon up the road from the White House. 17th Street NW between C and E streets NW was closed in both directions because of the sinkhole.

Check it out for yourselves:

It didn't take long for the jokes to start flowing, either.

This isn't the first time the Trump family has had close calls with sinkholes, either:

In March 2017, a sinkhole formed in front of Mar-a-Lago, the Palm Beach estate belonging to President Trump. Last year, a sinkhole formed on the north White House lawn near the entrance to the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room. It was excavated and repaired within a week.