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'Jeopardy!' Contestant Calls Out 'Weirdos' Who Keep Requesting That She Join OnlyFans

Anji Nyquist recently told 'The U.S. Sun' how 'creeps' called her the 'hottest contestant ever' during a recent Q&A she did with fans.

Anji Nyquist

When Jeopardy! winner Anji Nyquist did an AMA style question-and-answer session on Instagram, she wound up getting some questions she was not anticipating.

She might have expected questions about her winning answer "What is Lesotho?" or about her cat Naz Reid or about the experience of being on Jeopardy!.

Instead, she got hit on and many 'weirdos' wanting her to start an OnlyFans account.

People responded to the "weirdos."

Others on Twitter, however, were more interested iinher cat Naz Reid.

Another Jeopardy! winner, Bryan White, chimed in to share his own story of being hit on by fans.

Then Ken Jennings—one of the hosts of Jeopardy!—also added his humorous take, commenting on an article about Nyquist as if it were about him.

Nyquist responded to Jennings' post.

Nyquist repeated this was not the kind of reception she was anticipating for her AMA.

Nyquist won the July 5 game with her answer of "What is Lesotho?" but did not win the next game.