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Amy Schumer Says She Legally Changed Her Baby's Name After Realizing It Sounded A Lot Like 'Genital'

Amy Schumer Says She Legally Changed Her Baby's Name After Realizing It Sounded A Lot Like 'Genital'
Jackson Lee / Getty Images

It's been nearly a year since Amy Schumer gave birth to her son, Gene, with husband Chris Fischer.

However, in that time, something about the baby has changed.

Namely, the boy's middle name changed.

Schumer said she had to change it after realizing what his full name sounded like.

Last May, Schumer and Fisher welcomed their new child into the world. Schumer wanted to honor her friend and fellow comedian, Dave Attell, when she named the child, and so he was christened Gene Attell Fischer.

However, it was not to last.

As she revealed on her podcast, 3 Girls, 1 Keith, they had to change his middle name, as Gene Attell sounded like 'genital'.


You'd think a comedian of all people would have seen that a long time ago.

Even Schumer's guest on the podcast, Claudia O'Doherty, noticed the odd name.

Though someone else noticed it first.

"My mum pointed that out to me, 'Amy's called her son "Genital," and she was right!'"

After realizing the unfortunate name, Schumer talked with Dave Attell and agreed to change her son's middle name to David.

A problem solved early for the child, though not everyone is impressed with Schumer's decision.

Changing her son's name has the bonus of being a tribute to her father, who also has the middle name, David.

As Schumer put it:

"So, two stones."

The news of the name change inspired people to make joke names that would be unfortunate for someone to have.

Schumer famously had a difficult pregnancy with her son. The comedian was very candid with her fans about the condition and tried to demystify complications that could arise during pregnancy.

To that end, a new documentary about her pregnancy will premiere on the new streaming service HBO Max when it launches later this year. It follows Schumer while pregnant and aims to depict an honest portrait of her difficulty.

Schumer's film I Feel Pretty is available here.