As far as birthdays go, Sunday, May 5, was a big one. Not only did the world say hello to Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's new baby, but across the pond, another baby was greeting the world.

On her Instagram, comedian Amy Schumer posted the big news that she'd given birth to a healthy baby boy (after many people mentioned she seemed to have been pregnant for a LONG time)!

Schumer's fans were overjoyed at the news!

Schumer's baby has been eagerly awaited by all her friends and family.

Even New York Senator Chuck Schumer, a second cousin of Amy's father, reached out to set up a playdate!

When the time finally came, the Met Gala was in full swing.

Amy couldn't just go to the hospital without stopping by to say hello!

By 10:55 pm, the stress of birth had passed, and mom and dad were left with a little bundle of joy.

Though he may lack the royal bloodline, the new Schumer is surely a prince in his parent's eyes.

Amy is doubtless beyond relieved to be done with the whole "pregnancy" thing, though she definitely had fun with it while it was happening.

Congratulations, Amy and Chris! And happy birthday to America's own little royal!

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images, NBC

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