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Amy Poehler Shared Her Reaction To TikTok's 'Aging Filter'—And She's Right On The Money

The actor used the viral filter and shared her results on TikTok—with an empowering message about aging.

Amy Poehler
Jared Siskin/Getty Images for Ketel One Vodka

If you've been anywhere near TikTok lately, you've likely seen the trend of using the app's aging filter, which purports to show you what you'll look like when you reach your senior years.

The filter is supposedly so accurate that even dermatologists and plastic surgeons on the app have said the filter's projection of what you'll look like is probably pretty darn accurate--and it's got a lot of people in their feelings.

Some creators have used the filter for hilarious comedy bits imagining what they'll be like in their golden years. But they're the exception to the rule--most people's videos with the filter have been expressing horror at their aged selves. And Amy Poehler isn't having it.

Poehler recently posted her own video using the age filter, which greyed her hair and added all kinds of wrinkles and furrows to her iconic face, and as seen below she had one very poignant thing and one very poignant thing only to say about it.


may I be so lucky

Along with the video using the filter, which pairs your current face with your aged one, Poehler wrote, "may I be so lucky." And that's all she had to say about that.

It's a striking contrast to what most people have been posting with the filter, which along with aforementioned old-age panic has also included people pledging to get plastic surgery and realizing they've been wrong to judge those who use filters and treatments like Botox.

Others have posted tutorials on how to "beat" the old-age filter and get supposedly better, less unflattering results--it's all about lighting, apparently.

But Poehler's use of the filter takes an entirely different take on aging and, really, life itself--we really should all be so lucky to reach old age because, after all, a heartbreaking number of us never do.

On TikTok, people were deeply moved by Poehler's take on aging and thanked her for it--even if it made many of them cry.











Let's all try to take a page out of Poehler's book and embrace aging. It really is a privilege when you think about it.