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TikTokers Stunned After Alligator Leaps Up And Snatches Drone Hovering Above It—And Eats It

TikTokers Stunned After Alligator Leaps Up And Snatches Drone Hovering Above It—And Eats It

A viral video of an alligator eating a drone has resulted in an outcry on social media.

In the first of two videos posted to the TikTok account @devhlanger, a drone is seen flying close to the alligator's head, before the animal surprised everyone by jumping up and eating the drone.

WARNING: NSFW language


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One of the crew members was heard asking if the alligator thought the drone was food before the animal snatched the drone with his jaws, resulting in screams from those recording the footage.

A caption on the video said:

"Trying to get a close up of this alligator in the Everglades... wait till he chews through the drone's battery."

Indeed, in the second, slightly longer video, captioned "Part II", smoke was seen emerging from the alligators mouth, as the crew begged the animal, apparently named "George" to stop eating the drone.

WARNING: NSFW language


Part 2 of alligator eating my drone #FYP #Everglades #Drone #Gators #FloridaMan

One crew member could be heard saying "that's probably not good" in the background, while another declared, "we gotta get outta here", likely more worried about any legal trouble they might have found themselves in, as opposed to "George's" health.

"George" eventually submerged into the water, causing the smoke to subside.

But though one crew member could be heard expressing their guilt at the incident, laughter could still be prominently heard, with one crew member claiming "George" was still alive, so he must have been fine.

A third video, merging the two together, was subsequently posted, with a caption claiming it was only their second time using the drone, likely as a defense for any harm caused to "George."

WARNING: NSFW language


Here is the alligator eating the drone combined. George is doing fine and still looked hungry after . #FYP #alligator #dji #drone #savage #floridaman

"Videos combined: we were trying to get a close up of the gator with its mouth open and thought the obstacle avoidance would make the drone fly away (was only our second time using the spark)".

All three of the videos currently have no comments on TikTok, but an earlier report from The Hillsuggests comments for the video might have been deleted and/or disabled following a number of comments expressing anger and concern.

The Hill reported @devhlanger responded to a comment which informed her flying drones in everglades national park was illegal.

"This is outside a national park...this is on a tour..."
"I'm clearly filming the drone x flying the drone…[it was] your anger towards alligator farms."

While followers might not be able to express their anger at the video on TikTok any longer, there were more than enough people who did so on Twitter, with many hoping the people responsible for the video will face charges.

Whether or not the crew behind this video will face charges remains unclear, as does the fate of "George."