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Alicia Silverstone Just Gave Her Endorsement For President—And Fans Are Not Having It

The 'Clueless' star posted a glowing Instagram endorsement of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an outspoken anti-vaxxer, for President in 2024.

Alicia Silverstone
Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images

Actress Alicia Silverstone—best known for her iconic role as teenager Cher Horowitz in 1995's Clueless—drew criticism after she announced she'd endorsed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for President in the 2024 election.

Kennedy Jr.—known mainly for promoting anti-vaccine propaganda and health-related conspiracy theories—recently launched a longshot bid for the Democratic 2024 nomination against President Joe Biden.

In a post on Instagram, Silverstone said Kennedy Jr. appealed to her at a time when she's felt especially "disappointed with current political leadership at every turn," citing a climate of "division," "lies," and "profiteering at the expense of the people and public health."

You can see her post below.

Silverstone said Kennedy Jr. "gives [her] hope," adding:

"This man gets me excited about the potential for truth and justice. He provides hope for young and old to trust our government once again. RFK Jr. is a person we can be inspired and be proud to call President."
"Bobby is a true leader. He loves our country deeply and is the most courageous warrior. He fights for all mothers and children. He fights for our planet, fairness, and freedom."
"He is someone who can unify the divide in this country. He is a walking history book; a passionate loving human with no tolerance for corruption or bullying."

She went on to praise Kennedy Jr.'s "vision of peace, unity and justice for all" and explained why she is proud to vote for him in the future:

"I am uplifted by his commitment to protect civil and worker rights as well as our children’s health. We need leaders who will resolve poverty, pollution, inequality, and stop wars… Bobby is that leader."
"If you have felt disenfranchised by our government like me, I highly recommend you listening to Bobby speak. I've worked alongside Bobby for children’s health and our environment for 15 plus years. I love me some Bobby!! He is just incredible."

Silverstone's post was met with an immediate backlash.

Silverstone's endorsement came after Kennedy Jr. discussed his anti-vaccine conspiracy theories and emphasized the importance of freedom of speech in a wide-ranging interview with Musk hosted via Twitter Spaces.

Kennedy Jr. mentioned his previously banned social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook were reinstated by Meta, the parent company of Facebook. While Kennedy Jr. stated he doesn't actively discuss vaccines anymore, he emphasized he would tell the truth if asked about them, as he considers himself knowledgeable on the subject.

Kennedy Jr. expressed his frustration with being silenced when providing answers to vaccine-related questions despite being neither a scientist nor doctor of medicine—his status as a vaccine expert appears entirely self-professed.