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Experts Claim Alexa Will Be Able to Predict The Future Of Your Relationship With 75 Percent Accuracy By 2021

Stephen Brashear/Getty Images, @redskinsfanuk (Twitter)

"Alexa, what did he mean when he said...?" Wait, why would you ask your Amazon assistant for relationship advice? Well, in less than 3 years, you just might be able to.

According to the latest research, digital assistants will be able to recognize when your relationship is having issues from listening in to arguments, as soon as 2021.

Not only that, but your Alexas and Google Homes will also be able to predict if your relationship is heading for disaster or not within a 75% accuracy.

The artificial intelligence will also be able to listen to your arguments and toss out suggestions on how to settle them. In other words, virtual assistants will be able to act as relationship counselors.

Prateek Jain, a dating tech expert from eHarmony, said,

"They will act as a therapeutic resource within a relationship."

Technology will also be able to do a lot more for you single folks out there by 2025.

According to studies by Imperial College Business School, AI will take online dating into a whole new realm soon.

Aparna Sasidharan of Imperial College Business School said,

"With AI, online dating version 3.0 is upon us. While traditional algorithms were limited to recommending profiles, these days they can predict compatibility, enhance dating experiences and help manufacture chemistry."

She didn't stop there.

"But in another decade we could be seeing revolutionary changes with dating apps moving to continuous relationship coaching or marriage counseling as well as improving relationship health and helping people project a more attractive persona. AI is changing our perceptions of love and relationships and could play a significant role in shifting familiar societal approaches to finding love."

Research also shows that genetic testing will be able to help predict a couple's sexual chemistry. Those tests paired with data from wearable technology can be utilized by virtual assistants to develop a more comprehensive and, supposedly, accurate pool of potential dates.

People are not so sure they like where the future of technology and love is heading.

The only good I see coming from this is the amount of money saved on therapy.

H/T: Independent, NY Post


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