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Alex Jones Throws Epic Tantrum During Latest Sandy Hook Trial: 'I’m Done Saying I’m Sorry!'

Alex Jones Throws Epic Tantrum During Latest Sandy Hook Trial: 'I’m Done Saying I’m Sorry!'
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Looks like Alex Jones should prepare for another multi-million dollar judgment against him.

The conspiracy theorist and InfoWars host left many shocked after throwing a tantrum on the stand during his latest civil trial in which he is being sued by parents of children killed in the Sandy Hook massacre for his years-long claims the shooting was a liberal hoax.

Ranting from the witness stand, Jones declared, "I'm done saying I'm sorry!" less than two months after he was ordered to pay $50 million to other Sandy Hook parents during a previous trial that ended in August.

See his tirade below.

Jones claimed for years on InfoWars Sandy Hook was a false flag perpetrated by actors pretending to be the dead children and their parents as part of a liberal plot to outlaw gun ownership.

His repeatedly sharing his false claims lead to years of harassment and death threats against the victims' families from Jones' legion of fans.

He is currently on trial in the second of a series of lawsuits filed against him by the victims' families.

While being questioned by the Sandy Hook parents' lawyer, Jones ranted about liberals "switching emotions on and off "whenever you want" and accused the parents' attorney of "ambulance chasing."

In response, the attorney asked Jones to "show a little respect" for the fact the people in the courtroom have lost family members, including small children, in the deadliest school shooting in American history.

Jones gave a mocking reply back and implied the courtroom proceedings were a totalitarian interrogation.

“Is this a struggle session? Are we in China?”

He then launched into a tirade about his feelings about the Sandy Hook shooting, first refusing to apologize and then blaming liberals' criticisms of America's lax gun laws for his attacks on the Sandy Hook families.

“I’ve already said sorry hundreds of times, and I am done saying I am sorry."
"I didn't generate this, I wasn't the first person to say it.
"American gun owners didn't like being blamed for this, like the left did, so we rejected it mentally and said it must not be true."
"I legitimately thought it might have been staged, and I stand by that and I don't apologize..."
"...I've already apologized to the parents over and over again. I don't apologize to you."

Jones' lawyer began yelling objections throughout his tirade, prompting the judge to admonish them both, telling Jones “this is not a press conference, this is clearly not your show."

On Twitter, many were disgusted by Jones' comments and behavior.

Though Jones was slapped with a $50 million judgment in his first Sandy Hook trial, the state of Texas, where Jones resides and where that case was filed and tried, caps such judgments at far less.

Connecticut however, where the current case was filed and is being tried, does not have such limits, opening Jones up to a financially calamitous judgment if he loses.

Jones is attempting to file bankruptcy, presumably to protect himself from the judgments against him, but that isn't going very well for him either.