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Zelenskyy Skit About Ukraine Mistakenly Being Admitted To EU Resurfaces After He Actually Applies

Zelenskyy Skit About Ukraine Mistakenly Being Admitted To EU Resurfaces After He Actually Applies
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As conflict in Ukraine continues, people have taken an interest in Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The president was an actor and comedian in his days before running for office.

Because of his history, this means there’s a number of strange situations one can find this world leader in.

Including one from 2017 that eerily comments on current events.

In the clip above, Zelenskyy plays a fictional version of the President of Ukraine, receiving a call from the German Chancellor at the time, Angela Merkel.

He’s told that his country has been accepted to the European Union (EU). His character is ecstatic at the news.

However, things change toward the end of the clip, and Zelenskyy’s character is frustrated yet again. The quote at the 1:12 mark from Zelenskyy’s character is rather prescient.

The clip was a reference to the country’s long running desire to join the EU, a position that Zelenskyy made one of his political priorities when running for office.

Now, as Russia continues to try and invade the country, Zelenskyy has submitted a formal application for Ukraine’s inclusion in the EU.

An amazing turn of events!

Prior to any of this, Zelenskyy studied law at the Kyiv National Economic University. During his time as a comedian, he acted in a TV show called Servant of the People, where he played a schoolteacher who’s elected President after his anti-corruption rant goes viral online.

In a turn of reality reflecting fiction, after the show ended, Zelenskyy ran for president on an anti-corruption platform. He won in a landslide, getting 73.2% of the vote in the second round.

Since then, he’s been pursuing membership in the EU for his country, and attempted to end the conflict in Donbas and stop the Russia-sponsored separatist movement.

Now with Russia invading, Zelenskyy is pushing hard for alliances to help him end the crisis.

Zelenskyy has received a lot of praise for his acts during the Russia conflict. However, it is unknown if it will be enough to get Ukraine special entry into the EU.

The last country to join was Croatia in 2013, a decade after they had applied for membership.