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Zac Efron Shuts Down Plastic Surgery Rumors By Explaining Why His Jaw 'Got Really, Really Big'—And Ouch

Zac Efron Shuts Down Plastic Surgery Rumors By Explaining Why His Jaw 'Got Really, Really Big'—And Ouch
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Actor Zac Efron is putting the persistent rumors that he got plastic surgery to bed once and for all after the fixation on his expanded jawline recently gained traction yet again.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight while promoting his new film The Greatest Beer Run Ever, Efron revealed that he "almost died" from a devastating jaw injury nearly a decade ago, and the resulting surgery and recovery process resulted in a much more muscular jawline.

Zac Efron Says He Almost Died From Jaw Injury That Sparked Plastic Surgery Rumors (Exclusive)

According to Efron the incident occurred in November 2013, and it marked the end of a year-and-a-half-long recovery from a number of injuries, including tearing his ACL, dislocating his shoulder, breaking his wrist, and throwing out his back.

Efron also expounded on the accident in a recent interview with Men's Health, revealing that he slipped while running through his home and hit his face on the corner of a granite fountain, breaking his jaw. When he regained consciousness after being knocked out, his chin bone "was hanging off his face."

After beginning physical therapy for his facial injury, he was forced to take a break for a press tour. He says that during that time, the chewing muscles—known as the masseter muscles—started to overcompensate for the other injured areas because the muscles in the face all work together "like a symphony." The masseters simply grew to be, in his words, "really, really big."

Twitter reacted mostly with empathy for Efron's plight.

Some people still insisted he had plastic surgery, though.

But injury or surgery, he's still quite an attractive man!

Finally, one Twitter user summed up the whole discussion.

And yes, injury or plastic surgery, Twitter can agree that he still looks good.