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MLB Pitcher Manages To Hit Three Different People With One Wild Pitch—And *Ouch*

MLB Pitcher Manages To Hit Three Different People With One Wild Pitch—And *Ouch*

Chicago Cubs pitcher Yu Darvish has had a rough run recently, battling injuries and a rocky start to his first season with the team.

Though the Cubs managed to snag their first win of the season this past April 15, Darvish also managed a slightly embarrassing feat which has been seldom, if ever, seen in professional baseball: he managed to hit three different people with one 99 m.p.h. pitch.

Whoops! After flinging the ball at nearly 100 m.p.h., Darvish sent it careening into the batter, who knocked it into the umpire, whom it bounced off of into the catcher.

All three went down in quick succession.

Here's the throw in slow motion.

And, just in case, here it is again with motion tracker.

Baseball fans couldn't help but crack some jokes at Darvish's expense.

There are army snipers who WISH they could do what Darvish did.

With powers like these, Darvish will be unstoppable...

Of course, the problem is that Darvish wasn't trying to hit the people.

If he were bowling, this would have been a great throw!

This has got to be every batter's greatest fear.

Darvish later explained what happened to the press:

Many fans were impressed at the speed of Darvish's pitch, regardless of accuracy!

However, other baseball fans were a lot less amused by its outcome.

At the end of the day, however, many were just excited to see a new addition to baseball's ever-growing blooper real.

Congrats on the wild, dangerous throw, Darvish! We won't soon forget it.