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People Reveal The Stupidest Reasons They Were Bullied As Kids

People Reveal The Stupidest Reasons They Were Bullied As Kids

Any of us who were bullied as kids knew that any small movement could immediately put a target on your back. Even when you do the most minuscule thing, a bully will find a way to turn it on you.

u/i_breathe_chlorine asked:

What was the stupid reason you were bullied as a kid?

Here were some of those answers.

Manic Botanic


Some kids at my high school made fun of me for standing next to a tree. They usually just told me to kill myself and whatever but that girl screeching "Look at her! Standing next to a TREE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" really stands out and makes me laugh a tiny bit when I think about it. Weird stuff.


Bullied For Anything

At first until I was 8, they bullied me for not being able to keep up with reading.

Then I got glasses. They bullied me for that.

Then I found out that I actually liked reading, cause I could see the words now. They bullied me as soon as my reading level grade jumped above theirs.




In 6th grade, some *sshole called me a lesbian. Angered by it, I replied, "Well so are you!" The *sshole proceeded to go to the teacher and tell them I'd called them a lesbian.

Teacher sends me to the principal's office for calling a student a lesbian and my parents have to come in to meet with them and explain to me why that wasn't okay.

For the next couple days there were rumors going around that I was really a lesbian.

I'm a guy.


Llama Drama

I owned a Llama. Like they couldn't fathom the fact that I lived on a farm and the Llama broke the camels back. The flood gates opened and everyone on the bus just kept screaming at me about how stupid my sheep were. Screaming about the sheep and the goats and the llama.

It's not like I could control what my parents did. They were farmers who owned a farm.


Bone, No R

One time in the changing rooms after PE class when I was around 12 a guy tried to sack-tap me with the back of his hand and hit me on my pubic bone instead, hurting his hand. He put 2 and 2 together and got 15, deciding that what he had hit was not bone but rock hard boner. We were all in our underwear and I was very visibly but I still got relentlessly mocked for that and I have never forgotten the unjustified humiliation I received in that moment.


Mom Prices


I'm still so traumatized by having generic shoes in middle school that to this day I do not wear sneakers unless I'm running. I remember being in Sears and begging my mother for some $24 Reeboks. Not even cool ones, but they had the Reebok logo. Nope, she got me the $22 The Winners and called me shallow for caring what the other kids thought. But I didn't care what they thought, I just wanted to be left alone without hearing "hurr durr she got The Winners on" every day. We were poor, but not so poor that we couldn't spend an extra $2 on a pair of shoes I would have to wear every day for a year. Honestly, I don't even know who I'm more mad at.


Ahead Of The Curve

Because I loved Hello Kitty in middle school and everything I owned had that cat face on it and also I have to mention that Hello Kitty was not a thing back then in France so girls made fun of me.

But I would also like to mention that those b*tches became huge fans of Hello Kitty 4years later but spent way more money than me who bought my stuff real cheap thanks to my Asian Family.



My mom got "fired" at the school as the lunch lady for "parking in the wrong spot" and some other menial thing. The kids reminded me constantly that she was let go, which kind of hurt because I liked having my mom there. Come to find out they just weren't going to have her position the following year and through the grapevine, found out the new principal just didn't like her.


Capri Sun Fountain


I liked putting rubber bands around things. I put about 50 rubber bands around a juice box which was cool because it had extra grip and that was "extreme." (Think early 90s)

Anyway, I hadn't thought about pressure buildup so when I stabbed the straw through the foil, juice shot out like a geyser all over everyone at the lunch table. I was not popular.


Bye Bye Bully

Oh man, this thread is giving me so many horrible Ratatouille Anton Ego moments.

I was bullied mercilessly from roughly 6-8 years old. Mostly because it was a thing to do for the (sometimes much) older kids in my neighborhood. I was bullied because I had a yellow shirt once, which was apparently gay. I was bullied because I had "buck teeth" (just a kid growing into his teeth). I was punched in face because I looked up at the sky instead of looking at bullies, because I didn't want to make eye contact, which they made an excuse to hit me.

Anyway, one day I came home from school with a black eye, and my parents caught on. Two things happened. First, my mom, who happened to be friends with one of the bully's parents, went over to her house and unleashed holy hell. That bully's mom, in turn, basically threatened to skin her kid if he ever laid a hand on me again. That got rid of that particular bus stop bully problem.

Second, my dad told me that while I shouldn't initiate fights, it's OK to fight back if someone fights you. Well, in short order, I learned that I'm stubborn enough to be a fighter. Got me an OOS suspension for defending myself at recess but 10/10 would again.