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TikToker Says Woman Punched Her In The Face For Parking In Her 'Reserved' Spot For 30 Seconds

TikToker Says Woman Punched Her In The Face For Parking In Her 'Reserved' Spot For 30 Seconds

A TikToker who was picking up her laundry said she was confronted by a woman who smacked her in the face for parking in a reserved parking spot.

TikToker Allie, a.k.a. @alliexblue, tried to maintain her composure as she filmed the TikTok video right after the altercation occurred.

"I just got punched in the face on the street," she said, as the screen showed a snapshot of her victim's report marking the incident as a "battery."

"I'm not gonna cry, I'm just in shock right now," she said, before continuing:

“I pulled over and put my hazards on right outside of my building because I put my laundry right by the door. I was away from my car for 30 seconds.”
“When I came back, there was a woman, and she was saying that I can’t park there and those were permit spots that she pays for.”

Allie said the woman then "got in her face" and called her an a**hole and demanded that she move her car.

But when Allie apologized and tried to get her laundry back into her vehicle, the woman slammed the door.

"Luckily there were a ton of people around because people jumped in and started recording," she added.

"I was trying to explain to her that I was just going to leave and I spit a little bit like I was talking, and a little spit came out of my mouth."

Then things escalated further from there.


eventful morning 😃

Allie continued:

“She was like, ‘You spit on me,’ and she just open-hand punched me.”


She said that two women intervened and stood up for Allie after witnessing the assault.

After prying the woman away from Allie, one of the witnesses helped put her laundry back into her car and called the police.

“Everyone around me gave witness statements and turns out that the spots that she was so mad about had been invalid for three years.
"And never once has she personally paid for them because they’re free given by the city to a resident that used to live there, so, not even her.”

She thanked the women who helped her, and she confirmed that there are "still good people in this world."






Allie said her assailant fled the scene and police couldn't find her, but she confirmed the woman did live in the building near the parking space.

In a follow-up post the next day, Allie said the woman “fraudulently registered the spots under a deceased person’s name but she doesn't even own a vehicle."


update! my voice is so shaky please ignore that 😭

Allie also confirmed the parking spot the woman allegedly claimed for her own was actually paid for by the city. So, even though the woman may have legally registered the spot in her name, she was not paying for it.


Allie went on to express she was "very discouraged" at how things were left unresolved.

“I got a call from the police department this morning, and they let me know that they only have the first name as ‘Cookie’ and the last name is unknown."
“Unfortunately, without a full name and date of birth, I will not be able to get a court date, a restraining order, or press charges in any way."
"They told me that my only other option is if I ever see her again to call 9-1-1.”

Allie is currently staying with her parents and is considering moving after the building staff "didn’t really seem to care" about helping her feel safer while living there.

She added:

“It kind of just feels like my only option...I'd rather be safe than sorry."