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Woman Is Understandably Creeped Out By Guy She Met On Subway Who Somehow Got Her Phone Number 😱

Woman Is Understandably Creeped Out By Guy She Met On Subway Who Somehow Got Her Phone Number 😱

Isn't it flattering when a guy you don't know, claiming to have checked you out when you weren't looking, manages to get a hold of your phone and number stalks you?

No? You're definitely not alone.

Lynda, from Bromsgrove, England, engaged in a brief conversation on the subway with a fellow male passenger who she never exchanged contact information with, according to Buzzfeed.

Little did she know her chat would continue after getting off the train. Her life was about to go off the rails.

A 20-year-old student, Lynda shared the unsettling story of the creeper who got a hold of her and her personal info. She wrote:

"So I briefly spoke to someone on the train last week, we didn't even exchange socials or anything and today he messaged me."
"Am I overreacting by being creeped out because what on earth."

On behalf of the internet, no, she is not 'overreacting.'

The personal space intruder, named "Josh," said he got the woman's number from one of her friends. She responded by admitting his MO was "kinda creepy."

She couldn't help but to continue the conversation since she wanted to know how this mystery man got her number.

It turns out he searched for her on Instagram and inquired about her to her friends. Suddenly, she found herself as an unwitting participant in an egregious Lifetime movie.


When she asked why he didn't DM her, his answer was disconcerting to say the least.

He said:

"Yh but ur not the type of girl I dm I only dm girls I wanna pipe."

Great, so she dodged that bullet, for now.



Josh declared all will be revealed when he takes her out. When he asked why she was not up for meeting, she put her foot down and replied:

"Because I'm really not flattered by this."
"It's weird and invasive. And there is no way you can decide for me that I'm going out with you."



Josh was genuinely shocked at being made to feel like a "stalker," but still managed to disparage Lynda.


Indy100 caught up with Lynda and she admitted the creepiness didn't sink in until afterwards.

"Initially I thought it was odd but it didn't register how seriously creepy it was until later on in the day."
"I haven't heard anything from him since, his number is blocked. And I tried finding out who our mutual friends were but I haven't had any luck finding his social media."

Josh's obsession was compared to that of the lovesick anti-hero Joe from the Netflix stalker series, You.

Some users shared their wisdom about how Josh was able to access her info. It is eerily convenient to track down random people on the internet.

Hopefully, it won't come to this.

There is the possibility of a "friend" being a virus in her life.

Apparently, there are few who think Josh's efforts are impulsively romantic. To that, Lynda said:

"I can see how someone would find it romantic seeing as he showed interest in me etc, I just felt like he crossed a line and I didn't like how he got aggressive when I expressed that he had made me uncomfortable in the way he went about contacting me."

Her initial post went viral with over 81K likes.

That's great, Lynda!

But, maybe it would be wise to keep a low profile. You may have blocked Josh from your phone, but he could still be out there.


Josh, leave this girl alone, m-kay? Thanks.