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Unhinged Woman Caught On Video Harassing 'Demonic' Sam Smith On The Streets Of NYC

A woman could be heard calling the nonbinary singer a 'groomer' and a 'pedophile' as they were strolling around Manhattan.

Screenshots of Sam Smith recording and walking away from his harasser

A woman harassed singer Sam Smith as they strolled in New York City.

Smith appeared to film her and take videos for just a moment as the woman yelled they "belong in hell" and added:

"You demonic, twisted, sick bastard! Leave the kids alone, you sick f**ker! Sam Smith is a pedophile!"
"You sick motherf**ker, Sam Smith! You’re evil!”

You can hear what she said in the video below.

Smith is no stranger to these attacks and has faced unrelenting criticism from conservatives in recent weeks.

Last week, conservative Twitter was up in arms over Smith's performance of their song "Unholy" at the Grammy Awards, with many decrying it as an example of "evil" and the purported "Satanism" they claim is thriving in Hollywood and among the "global elite."

Last month, fans stepped up to support Smith after the racy video for "I'm Not Here to Make Friends"—the fourth single from their album Gloria—was criticized by conservatives who complained it showed the unapologetically nonbinary singer wearing a corset and nipple tassels while performing with backup dancers.

Critics said the video was "over-sexualized" and expresssed their discomfort over Smith openly embracing the feminine aspects of their nonbinary identity.

The video prompted many fans to come to Smith's defense and criticize the woman's behavior.

The backlash against Smith offers yet another example of the "groomer" rhetoric that has gripped the right-wing as of late.

Right-wing online discourse has been awash with patently false accusations of LGBTQ+ people of being "groomers" who are explicitly targeting and sexualizing young children, rhetoric that has allowed a wave of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation to sweep the country.

Conservatives have over the last few months employed this rhetoric to make a scapegoat of drag queens and several states have approved or have proposed legislation that would make it crime for children to attend drag shows by classifying them as adult entertainment.