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Woman Calls Cops On Black Man At Walmart And Falsely Accuses Him Of Stealing Her Son's Phone

Woman Calls Cops On Black Man At Walmart And Falsely Accuses Him Of Stealing Her Son's Phone

A viral video was shared on TikTok and Twitter showing a woman calling the cops on Ya'shear Bryant, a Black man, at Walmart in Moreno Valley, California because she assumed he stole her son's cell phone.

The TikTok user @cristinahatesyou shared the video.

It begins with Bryant explaining how she was following him throughout the store and then into the parking lot. She continues to follow him as he goes back into the Walmart with police on a call with her.

The text over the video said:

"She even took it as far as complaining to a store manager."

He was falsely accused & she had already called 911 🤦‍♀️ #morenovalleynews #karen #fyp #racialprofiling #karengonewild #walmart #morenovalley

Bryant said while filming the woman behind him:

"She accused me of stealing her son's phone, followed me outside the store. First she was eyeing me in the store. … I know I'm Black with tattoos, so she automatically assumes I have it."
"His location says it's me. I [don't] have her son's phone but she's followed me outside of Walmart here in Moreno Valley."

Bryant explained to the manager:

"Being responsible for the phone, that's not my fault, but being racially profiled, that's going to be her fault."

According to Atlanta Black Star, the phone was allegedly being tracked and said it was in Bryant's possession.

A moment later, her facial expression changed as she realized her son had left his phone in her car the entire time.

The text on the video said:

"This is the moment she realized she f'd up."

She then berated her child.

Bryant had asked:

"What'll happen when you're wrong?"
"What do I get, just an apology?"

She replied:


He continued:

"That's not good enough for me."

Bryant said he will press charges.

When Bryant asked for her name she responded with:

"No. You can go f*ck yourself."

She walked away without an apology for the mistake that could have put Bryant in danger had the phone not been found.

Bryant shouted after her he has her license plate number.

Many are now wondering where is the accountability for not only the woman who called the police, but for the manager who did nothing to address the situation.

The manager originally said Bryant could not record the situation, but he replied he needed to keep a record for his safety.








The woman's shirt identified her as a possible employee of the health care company Kaiser Permanente.

They reached out on Twitter to say they are looking into the incident as well.

No additional comments have been made by Ya'shear Bryant, the woman who harassed him, Kaiser Permanente or Walmart at this time.