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These Memes Of William H. Macy From 'Fargo' Following Felicity Huffman's Indictment Are On Point

On March 12th, news broke of a conspiracy involving at least 40 wealthy parents who paid large sums of money to have their children fraudulently admitted to prestigious colleges.

Among the indicted parents were actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, who is married to actor William H. Macy.

Though Macy has yet to be indicted, it seems unlikely that he didn't have knowledge of the illegal activity.

His role in the conspiracy is reminding many people of his part in the movie Fargo.

Twitter couldn't stop itself from giving Macy the meme treatment.

Just as it was for his character, it seems unlikely that Macy will be able to weasel his way out of this one.

One can only hope Macy is cooperating with investigators...

We hope you're paying attention, Coen brothers!

As soon as William H. Macy got caught up in all this, Twitter saw the Fargo memes coming.

For some people, Macy's wrongdoing was especially ironic because his role had convinced them NOT to commit crimes.

Only time will tell how things turn out for William H. Macy, but at least reality is finally starting to imitate art.

Thanks, Coen brothers!