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Self-Deprecating 'Is There A Doctor On Board?' Meme Roasts The Tropes Of Every Profession

R9_RoNaLdO/Getty images, @thedad/Twitter

A new self-deprecating meme has people sharing just how useless they would be in a time of crisis.

The joke follows a father as he berates his child for not becoming a doctor, making people feel terrible about their actual jobs in the process.

Modern parenting group The Dad started it all off on Twitter with a light-hearted jab at how unhelpful YouTubers would be during an in-air emergency, riffing on the popular video introduction, “what up guys."

Many other Twitter users joined in on the self-deprecating joke format, using their professions to prove that their family is disappointed with their choices.

From journalists to cinematographers, here are all of the people that would be utterly useless when it came to the crunch.

1. Becoming a product designer instead of a doctor was a big mistake.

2. This Twitter user is genuinely crucial in an emergency.

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3. This person's father is strongly against the idea of a follow-up meeting.

4. This person's Tweets would be no help in a sticky situation.

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5. Hopefully the element of romance helped.

6. Moody lighting absolutely wouldn't help in a medical emergency.

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7. Lastly, this person with a PhD in Computer Science has imagined the ultimate scenario where it might be needed.