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Sarah Palin Cries 'Censorship' After Instagram Removes Meme Using Son With Down Syndrome To Mock Liberals

Sarah Palin is ranting and raving about "censorship" after Instagram removed a questionable meme she posted featuring her son with Down Syndrome.

The image compared liberal protesters to Palin's 10-year-old son Trig, who's seen crying in the apparently homemade meme:


The former vice presidential candidate was furious with Instagram's decision, posting this rant once her meme was deleted:

Yikes...where to start?

Palin compared Instagram's removal of the meme to "lynching" and called parent company Facebook "nauseating" and "downright evil."

Her furious rant covered lots of political ground, resulting in her randomly bashing Obama for good measure.

But many online thought Palin's meme was in poor taste.

Palin faced a nasty backlash, with critics also attacking her parenting of older son Trap.

Let's be clear: using your disabled son as a political prop to "own the libs" isn't cool or funny.

Palin can grandstand about censorship all she likes, but her post was deemed offensive by Instagram's moderation team. As a former governor and vice presidential candidate, Palin should conduct herself with dignity, tact and poise.

Instead, she turned the entire internet against her with this ridiculous meme. Big mistake!

H/T:Daily Mail, Newsweek