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Whoopi Had Everyone At 'The View' In Stitches After A Hilariously NSFW Slip Of The Tongue

During a segment about travel, Goldberg misread the word 'beaches' on one of her cards—and hilarity ensued.

Whoopi Goldber

We all have slips of the tongue, but not all of us are on a daytime talk show like The View.

Whoopi Goldberg made her co-hosts and the audience roar with laughter when she misread a quote from a cue card in a segment about travel and food.

You can watch the moment here:

Beaches and bitches are relatively close words.

""A poll of 2,000 adults in the UK found that when people travel, cuisine is more important to them than landmarks or bitches—beaches."

She quickly corrected herself, but the damage was done.

Her co-hosts laughed and so did the audience, even as Goldberg blustered a bit, joking it was the audience's fault.

The segment then pivoted to the actual topic, but not before co-host Ana Navaroo slipped in one last joke.

"I will travel anywhere for a good b*itch."

Folks loved the slip of the tongue and expressed their adoration of Whoopi.






Others commented knowing the segment was filmed on a Monday.



However, many responded to the actual content of the segment.

The topic was if people travel more for food or for landmarks and attractions.





People also were glad to see the show honored the work of the late Anthony Bourdain and his contribution to getting people to eat local cuisine when traveling.



But really, what a tension breaker for a Monday.


The View is in its 26th season and airs on ABC.