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Amazon And Whole Foods Just Announced A Massive Round Of Price Cuts To Hundreds Of Items—And There's More On The Way

On April 1, the grocery store Whole Foods, which was acquired by Amazon in 2017, announced it would be lowering prices on 500 items!

Whole Foods has seen multiple price drops since being acquired by Amazon.

Most analysts believe the grocery store chain has been lowering prices to try and overcome its reputation of being fairly expensive.

With these price cuts, all shoppers will see savings, but Amazon Prime members will still be the biggest beneficiaries.

Others thought the price cuts weren't quite significant enough to make a difference.

There were definitely a lot of hungry people ready to give the store another chance, however!

Everyone should be able to afford good, healthy foods.

That having been said, the problem is still far from fixed.

Still, lowering prices to make good foods more affordable is undoubtably a step in the right direction for Whole Foods, and we can't wait for our next shopping trip!