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Weird Al Hilariously Chastises Alanis Morissette Over Her 'You Oughta Know' Lyrics Joke On Twitter

Weird Al Hilariously Chastises Alanis Morissette Over Her 'You Oughta Know' Lyrics Joke On Twitter
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The internet had a field day over the weekend when a Twitter user posted a photo of a truck and trailer she saw belonging to a company called Alanis Landscaping, captioned with a pun based on a repurposed Alanis Morissette lyric.

People were having so much fun making puns and jokes about it even Alanis Morissette herself got in on the game, parodying her own lyrics to "You Oughta Know" in a quote tweet of the photo.

But parodying lyrics is of course music icon Weird Al Yankovic's stock in trade.

So naturally, the ascendant master of the repurposed lyric has also joined the Alanis Morissette/Alanis Landscaping joke-fest in a bid to protect his musical territory.

And fans are loving this new chapter to the silliness.

See Yankovic's tweet below.

Quoting Morissette's tweet, Yankovic tweeted:

"Hey! Stay in your lane!"

Fair enough.

Morissette is already a Grammy-winning musician, a celebrated actor and writer and has a Tony-winning Broadway show based on her first album Jagged Little Pill under her belt.

Now she has to do song parodies too‽‽

Morissette took the chastisement well.

Weird Al has of course done countless parodies, beginning in the 1970s with songs like "My Balogna"—his version of "My Sharona."

The 80s were arguably his greatest decade, as the advent of MTV made Yankovic's parodies of songs by the channel's biggest stars, like Madonna and Michael Jackson, nearly as popular as the originals themselves.

One of those parodies, of Michael Jackson's "Beat It," even won Yankovic a Grammy in 1985 for Best Comedy Recording. He'd go on to win four more Grammys between 1989 and 2019.

But though he has worked her hits "You Oughta Know" and "Thank U" into his live performances and once parodied her "Ironic" video on his MTV show, Yankovic has never officially parodied Morissette on any of his official releases.

If he's thinking of doing an official parody any time soon, there will certainly be a built-in audience.

Fans of both stars loved Yankovic's leap into the Alanis Landscaping absurdity.

Weird Al, if you're reading this, a parody version of the entire Jagged Little Pill album is precisely what we need to get us through these difficult days.

The time has come!