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Alanis Morissette Had The Best Reaction After A Fan Discovered An 'Alanis Landscaping' Company

Alanis Morissette Had The Best Reaction After A Fan Discovered An 'Alanis Landscaping' Company
Robin Little/Redferns/Getty Images; @vegspice/Twitter

She's an actor, writer, podcaster and a Grammy-winning singer and songwriter. And now, music legend Alanis Morissette can add another area of focus to her impressive resume: professional landscaper.

Okay not really, but you'd be forgiven for thinking so after a person on Twitter shared a photo they snapped of a trailer owned by a landscaping company with an instantly recognizable name: Alanis Landscaping.

Respectfully, to the owners of the company—there is and only ever will be one Alanis and she doesn't rake leaves and trim shrubs, okay?

Anyway, when Twitter user @vegspice posted her photo of the company's trailer to the platform with a perfect Alanis-based pun, it of course caught lots of people's eyes—including those of Alanis Morissette herself.

And she in turn had an equally brilliant punny response that fans are absolutely loving. See it below.

Riffing off of Morissette's most iconic hit, "You Oughta Know," @vegspice captioned her photo, "YOU OUGHTA MOW."

Morissette herself took the whole thing to the next level, using her own lyrics to take the pun one step further:

"and I’m here, to remind you of the grass you left when you went away… 😂"

She's always been known as a prolific writer, and now we know why.

It was a fitting moment of lightheartedness given Morissette's current rise back to prominence after her 90s heyday.

Not only does Morissette have a new album that just dropped last month, but she's also on a sell-out world tour to commemorate the 25th anniversary of her iconic, boundary-breaking first album Jagged Little Pill—the 12th biggest selling album in history.

And as if that weren't enough love for that historic album, it is also the basis of a Broadway jukebox musical that won two Tonys and a Grammy last year. Suffice to say, Morissette has plenty of reasons to be yukking it up nowadays.

And on Twitter, fans were absolutely loving the singer's punny moment and many celebrated with puns of their own.

That's it, we need a gardening-themed rewrite of the Jagged Little Pill musical called Jagged Little Till for next season. Someone get Morisette's agent on the line!