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Woman Shares The Increasingly Unhinged Voicemails Her Date Left Her After He Stood Her Up

Woman Shares The Increasingly Unhinged Voicemails Her Date Left Her After He Stood Her Up

It was only the beginning for a woman who planned to meet a guy who stood her up on her date.

What followed was a series of disturbing voicemails from him that were chock-full of red flags indicating she had dodged a major bullet.

Mason, who is a radio host on The New HOT 933 radion station in Dallas, explained what happened in a viral TikTok clip that has now been seen over five million times.

In the caption, her experience was summed up succinctly, with:


"I had a first date planned for Friday," explained Mason, and she proceeded to talk about how she prepped for the date and "looked good" by the time she was ready.

"Then I stood in a restaurant for a half-hour waiting for him and he never showed up."

Mason said the guy, named Brad, called her two hours later to inform her that his father was in the hospital.

He later called again to admit his dad wasn't actually in the hospital and said he lied about it.

"He then proceeded to leave about five or six additional voicemails. I would like to present them to you now," said Mason, before playing back Brad's audio messages that revealed more cracks in his character.

Brad audibly sounded upset when he said it was "not cool" that she didn't call him back. He additionally claimed his friends told him he should have heard from her by now.

In spite of lying to her about his father being in the hospital, Brad became increasingly perturbed from not getting a response and even argued he was being "super honest" with her.

He continued:

"I honestly, I'm starting to rethink things, I don't know. If I don't hear from you in the next thirty minutes, I'm sorry, I just don't think it's gonna work out."

People had strong opinions about Brad.





She posted another video featuring his messages that were increasingly getting concerning.

"Why don't you call me back?" said Brad, raising his voice.

"How does someone do that to somebody else? I told you that this has happened in the past. You said you weren't gonna do it."
"You said it happened to you, and it happened to me. That's why we got along so well."
"I have left several messages spilling my heart to you. All I'm asking for is a call back and we can go on a date. I can treat you really nice. I just don't understand girls like you. I thought you were different."

Mason told her viewers:

"I'm the same as every other girl. Frightened for my life. Wow"

"But wait, there's more," said Mason in another follow-up video featuring more of Brad's grumbling, even though he was the one who stood her up and lied to her with an excuse.

Suspecting Mason might put him on blast on social media, Brad pleaded:

"Please do not put any of my information on TikTok. I'm kind of a sensitive and private guy. Please, whatever you do, DO NOT.

To which Mason told viewers with sarcasm:

"I would never. That is the last thing I would do."
"But after you screamed at me and stood me up and the seven voicemails, I forgot."

Brad then threatened legal action, yet continued asking her to call him back.


"I can't," she said to end the clip.

TikTokers described the kind of person Brad is.




"The level of crazy I'm immersed in right now with this man who will not stop leaving me voicemails is just...I should be frightened. I should be very scared for my safety and yet I am also so amused," she said giggling in a different follow-up video.

Mason added that as someone who is in the radio hosting business, her current situation was "comedic gold."

In spite of her display of levity, some users were worried and suggested she not block him in case this goes to court.



Things took an even more bizarre turn when Brad's mother also left voicemails, which Mason played on-air during Tuesday's broadcast on her show.

According to those who tuned in to KLIF-FM, the mother apparently invited Mason over for supper so she could see how "Bradly is a good boy."

"The crazy apple doesn't fall far from the crazy tree," she said of the mother's "long-winded" messages.



The saga continued with more "gifts" from Mason about Brad and his mother's voicemails, which you can hear more of on her TikTok page, @masononthemic.