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Radio Host Fired After Calling Female Co-Host A 'Fat, Nasty B*tch' In Misogynistic Tirade During Commercial Break

Radio Host Fired After Calling Female Co-Host A 'Fat, Nasty B*tch' In Misogynistic Tirade During Commercial Break
The Edge/YouTube

St. Louis radio host Vic Faust lost his television job as an anchor at the city's Fox 2 News following a leaked recording from his radio show in which he attacked a female co-host with a profanity-laden misogynist tirade.

The incident occurred during a commercial break in the September 13 episode of Faust's morning-drive radio show "The Edge," on which Faust is well-known for his combative conversations with guests.

In the leaked audio, Faust is heard berating his co-host Crystal Cooper, calling her misogynistic slurs and insulting her parenting, among other insults.

Hear the audio below.

WARNING: NSFW language

According to a report in the St Louis Post-Dispatch, Faust used profanity at least 40 times during the tirade, in which he is heard calling Cooper a "fat, nasty bitch" as well as "stupid" and a "self-righteous bitch."

When Cooper attempted to defend herself, Faust yelled at her for "bringing up a stupid subject" by ribbing him for his poor computer skills on air.

Cooper countered another colleague mocked Cooper for the subject on air as well, but received no retaliation. She also reminded Faust he was "not [her] boss" and denied attacking him.

Faust responded by insulting her parenting.

“You had no fu*king reason to attack me on-air yesterday, and you did … Your kids have a terrible fu*king mom, I feel sorry for them.”

He was also heard ranting:

"The problem is you think whatever you do is right."

Last week, Faust's boss at St. Louis' Fox affiliate announced he had been fired.

He told the Post-Dispatch:

“Vic Faust no longer works for Fox 2, KPLR or [parent company] Nexstar Media.”

Faust took to Twitter to apologize in the wake of the incident, writing:

“I am very sorry. My words hurt Crystal, my colleagues and family. I made a huge mistake and I’m ashamed."
“As I work to earn trust again, I hope we can have an open dialogue about respect in the workplace and forgiveness.”

He has since deleted his Twitter profile.

On social media, the altercation left many people outraged.

According to the Post-Dispatch's reporting, Cooper's Facebook profile shows her last day of employment at "The Edge" as September 13, the day of Faust's attack.