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UMass Trolls Far-Right Christian University With Epic 'Pride Day' Football Game Promo

UMass Trolls Far-Right Christian University With Epic 'Pride Day' Football Game Promo

The University of Massachusetts' Twitter account announced on Sunday, September 18 the team's Pride Day would take place on Saturday, October 8 during the UMass football game against Liberty University.

Even though UMass' football team isn't the best by any means, scheduling these two events at the same time casts an absurd amount of shade. Liberty University is regarded as one of the most homophobic Christian universities in the country.

Liberty University made the "Worst List" of schools on the Campus Pride website because of its long history of anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination, which includes forcing students into conversion therapy and refusing to give same-sex and trans spouses tuition discounts their cis and heterosexual contemporaries currently enjoy. Additionally, the university has an official connection to the dangerously anti-LGBTQ+ Liberty Counsel.

The announcement was accompanied by a short video, as well.

Reaction to the decision to host the notoriously anti-LGBTQ+ university on Pride Day—and to the video—was delight in the quote tweets, at least.

Others pointed out maybe this should become a tradition at other schools.

And hey, this might even net them new fans.

Or, more succinctly...

So the quote tweets were largely in favor of the trolling.

The replies?

Not so much.

Glossing over many (many) replies to UMass' original post, they can mostly be summed up with this exchange.

It gets more vitriolic from there, but if this has proven at least one point about UMass Football, it's they are at least good at eliciting the response they aim for.

We'll see what happens on October 8.