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Ukraine's Official Twitter Account Thanks Elon Musk For Satellite Internet Amid Russian Invasion

Ukraine's Official Twitter Account Thanks Elon Musk For Satellite Internet Amid Russian Invasion
Patrick Pleul - Pool/Getty Images

Ask and you shall receive. Or so they say.

Maybe a modern adage would be, "Ask on Twitter, and Elon Musk might deliver. Maybe."

Ukranian Vice President Mykhailo Fedorov tweeted at Elon Musk on Friday asking the billionaire to extend the satellite internet service, Starlink, to the Ukraine.

This plea came amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which in addition to causing major destruction, loss of life, and a refugee crisis has also created major internet blackouts across the country.

Musk was quick to respond to the call out.

He tweeted:

"Starlink service is now active in Ukraine. More terminals en route."

Starlink is a low-earth orbit (LEO) high speed satellite internet that is reportedly more reliable than conventional broadband. Russia has been targeting Ukraine's internet service since even before the invasion, so access to this kind of technology could be helpful for both civilians and the government as they defend their country during the attack.

Folks commented about how wild it was to see governments and entrepreneurs carryout business and war-time negotiations over Twitter.

But what Twitter is really celebrating today is the absolute chill of Ukraine's official Twitter account, who responded to Musk with a quick:

"Thanx, appreciate it."

They loved that Ukraine responded not with overwhelming gratitude but the brevity of a quick Slack message.

Others noted just how surreal it is to watch this kind of interaction unfold in real time.

While Musk might have been quick to respond with Twitter promises, Fortune reported earlier today it is unclear if people are actually able to use Starlink in Ukraine as on-the-ground terminals and dishes may be difficult to procure and install during the war.

Time will tell if Starlink access will be a game changer.

Until then, celebrate a real hero—the person behind @Ukraine for keeping their chin up and their tweets snappy.