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UFC Fighter Unloads On Homophobes After Facing Backlash For Wearing Rainbow Pride Shorts

UFC Fighter Unloads On Homophobes After Facing Backlash For Wearing Rainbow Pride Shorts

In the sports world, homophobic fans are losing their minds athletes are throwing their support behind LGBTQ+ people during Pride Month. But one Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter isn't having any more of it.

Jeff Molina, a flyweight Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter, was excited to show his support for the LGBTQ+ community by wearing a pair of rainbow-colored shorts in a recent fight.

But when Molina, who is straight, posted a video of his colorful shorts to Twitter, there was an immediate backlash. Asked about it in a press conference Molina... well, he went off on homophobes in a perfect response.

See it below.

The backlash all began because of this video Molina posted about his new shorts.

In his response to the uproar, Molina underlined the absurdity of the anger about his shorts, while putting homophobes and transphobes firmly in place.

Asked about the controversy, Molina said:

"Man, who’d have thunk it, in 2022 … Who the fu*k cares, bro?"
"It’s not even about being an ally—I’m not saying I’m not—but it’s just like, just be a decent fu*king person."
"Just be a decent human being."

Molina then went on to specifically call-out bigoted Christians against LGBTQ+ rights for their hypocrisy.

"Judging someone, and then trying to justify it with religion, and saying all sorts of spiteful, hateful sh*t is crazy to me. It’s mind-boggling."
"Who cares who someone wants to be with, their sexual preference?"
"And then the irony of trying to justify it with religion of something that’s supposed to be so accepting … I was honestly shocked."

Molina also explained the reasons why he chose to wear the shorts in the first place.

"I’ll support anything of a community that’s been oppressed and ostracized for some time for something they can’t help."
“I’ll get behind any of that."
"It wasn’t that long ago that there was school segregation, and that was like less than a person ago, man, and the same thing with something like Stonewall, that was like 50 years ago. That’s not even a whole person ago, man – this is recent sh*t."
"I just thought in 2022 people would be a little more open-minded and not pieces of sh*t, but I guess I was wrong. It’s just crazy to me."

But it was Molina's big finish that really drove the point home.

"People were saying some crazy sh*t and like, dude, what would you do if your kid’s gay? Mind your own business, it doesn’t concern you. Get fu*ked."

On Twitter, people gave Molina's clapback praise.

Any bigoted UFC fans can hate Molina's shorts all they want.

He won his fight against Zhalgas Zhumagulov while wearing the shorts on Saturday.