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Twitter LOLs After Guy's Mom Poses For Photo With Snoop Dogg Lookalike And Has No Idea It Isn't Actually Him

Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images for Triller

A Snoop Dogg lookalike has gone viral on Twitter after a fan's mom, thinking she had actually met the rapper, sent her son a picture of her and the lookalike.

User Mat George posted the photo with the caption:

"I've been in LA for a year and haven't seen a single celebrity. My mom comes for a weekend and meets Snoop Dogg."

Of course people were quick to point out that this was not actually Snoop, including by posting a side-by-side pic of Snoop and this particular lookalike.

Mat asked people to stop remarking this was not in fact, Snoop, so as to spare his mother's feelings.

"Can everyone stop saying it's not Snoop Dogg. My mom's gonna be heartbroken the next time she logs onto Twitter."

People began jokingly comparing the lookalike to a host of different things.

The real Snoop Dogg, meanwhile, is preparing for a music festival—a big deal considering the past year and a half of pandemic lockdowns.

The Once Upon A Time In LA Festival will premiere this fall.

Hopefully Mat's mom isn't too disappointed.

If she is, he can always take her to the real Snoop Dogg's music festival.