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Woman Reveals Why None Of Her GOP Coworkers Plan To Vote Republican In November In Powerful Thread

Woman Reveals Why None Of Her GOP Coworkers Plan To Vote Republican In November In Powerful Thread
Jupiterimages/Getty Images; @BexWords/Twitter

Recent conversations with her coworkers prompted one woman to write a viral Twitter thread explaining why none of them plan to vote for the Republican Party in November's midterm elections.

The Twitter user, @BexWords, shared she spent several days at a trade show with Republican coworkers, none of which are planning to vote for the GOP.

She proceeded to outline just why her coworkers have become so disillusioned with the GOP ahead of one of the most vital elections in years.

You can see her tweets here:

Her thread showed many Republicans are not pleased with the Supreme Court's June ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization.

The 6-3 ruling overturned Roe v. Wade, the 1973 landmark decision that once protected a person's right to choose reproductive health care without excessive government restriction.

@BexWords said one coworker refuses to vote Republican because he wants to protect reproductive freedom, noting he has a daughter who was raped and had a life-saving abortion.

Another coworker said she has "gynecological problems" and she could "die from complications if she can't get an abortion."

Another coworker is declining to vote because he doesn't support Democrats but noted he has children who need birth control.

He also thinks assault weapons should be "outlawed," putting him at odds with the GOP's refusal to support any gun control measures.

Another man—this one a Democrat—criticized the GOP's efforts to curtail immigration as well as the Supreme Court's ruling, saying he "wants his daughter to have choices for her future."

And another coworker—a male of unknown political affiliation—also commented on the Supreme Court's ruling, saying he wants his wife, daughter, and sisters "to determine their own futures" and to exercise their "right to choose their own paths."

The man also noted his grandparents were immigrants who came to the United States, showing another example of how the anti-immigration rhetoric from the GOP is alienating voters.

@BexWords pointed out she "did not initiate" these conversations and her experience listening to her coworkers express their concerns demonstrates "Republican tactics are not working."

For many, @BexWords's posts gave them hope the GOP could face significant losses in November.

Democrats are warning voters to be wary of a massive Republican turnout in November.

The "MAGA surge," as it's been referred to by America Votes, a Democratic group that coordinates get-out-the-vote efforts, is imminent "because turnout in Republican primaries so far this year has been sky-high, just as it was in 2021."

However, Democrats acknowledged they have a fighting chance in November's midterm elections in large part because of the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and eliminate the constitutional right to reproductive choices, the result of a concerted Republican effort to pack the courts and ensure a right-wing majority presides over it for at least a generation.

While the political winds could still shift, Democrats feel buoyed by voter backlash against the GOP as well as several major moves to help voters struggling financially, such as last month's announcement the Biden administration would forgive some student loan debt.