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Trump's 'Prince Of Whales' Gaffe On Twitter Naturally Led To An Ocean Of Memes

Samir Hussein/WireImage via Getty Images // wildestanimal via Getty Images // @KevinMCruise/Twitter

Despite his claim to be a "very stable genius," President Donald Trump's numerous spelling, grammatical, capitalization, and geographical gaffes on Twitter often betray this idea. The trend continued in a tweet defending recent comments about accepting help from foreign powers in order to win an election.

After widespread backlash against Trump saying he'd accept foreign help to win an election (thereby indebting him to a foreign country's interests), the president took to Twitter to tell us that he did nothing wrong.

In the now-deleted tweet, Trump touted that he often talks with foreign governments including the Queen of England and the "Prince of Whales."


While people caught on quickly that Donald Trump meant the country in southern Great Britain and not the giant aquatic mammal, people couldn't help but skewer Trump for the embarrassing typo.

Sadly, the "whales" gaffe wasn't the only bizarre feature of the tweet. From unnecessary quotation marks to redundancy to the illogical argument, this tweet was pure Trump.

Maybe he just hadn't had his covfefe yet.

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