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Trump Just Shared A Video Compilation Of Himself 'Dancing' To 'YMCA'—And It's Awkward AF

Trump Just Shared A Video Compilation Of Himself 'Dancing' To 'YMCA'—And It's Awkward AF

As you may have heard, Election Day is finally here, and the candidates have been out making their final appeals to voters.

Many believe these final moments can be just the thing to swing any last-minute undecided folks, so the messaging has to be on point—especially when you're behind in the polls.

So, naturally, President Trump decided to make his last campaign moment a video of him dancing to The Village People's "YMCA" in a way that makes your Dad's wedding moves look like Bruno Mars.

Brace yourself.


That's... wow...


It can never be said that the President isn't a showman.

But if we're being honest, there are so many layers of WTF to this it's difficult to know where to begin. Let's start with the song itself, which Trump has been using extensively this campaign season at his rallies.

"YMCA" is, of course, a novelty disco hit by The Village People, a group of gay men dressed as a leather daddy, a cowboy, and so on, from their 1978 album "Cruisin'," which is a gay slang term for going out to find a dude to have sex with. And its lyrics are about just that: chasing the blues away by having sex with dudes at the YMCA.

Not exactly on-brand for a presidential campaign of any kind, let alone a president who, say, banned transgender people from the military and rolled back workplace discrimination protections for LGBTQ people.

Any way you slice it, It's an interesting choice.


Then, of course, there's the question of what final moment you want to leave your voters with before they go to the polls.

And one can't help but wonder why a sitting president would choose a video of himself not so much dancing as twitching and, like, punching the air? In a way that could at times be construed as sexual? While glowering?

To a song, we remind you, that is about gay sex at a YMCA?


Man, to think people dragged Hillary in 2016 for saying "Pokémon Go to the polls."

If we'd only known.


Anyway, if you are feeling similarly WTF in the aftermath of this very strange video, you are not alone: Twitter basically had a meltdown.

If we think too deeply about this we might break our brains so let's just assume he's a huge Elaine from Seinfeld fan and leave it at that.


Today is stressful enough already!