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Pro-Trumper Has Homophobic Meltdown After Hospital Worker Calls Trump The 'Orange Man'

Pro-Trumper Has Homophobic Meltdown After Hospital Worker Calls Trump The 'Orange Man'

A new viral video shows a pro-Trump medical patient having a total meltdown in the hall of a hospital while wandering around in a hospital gown and attached to an IV.

The man flies into a rage, hurling homophobic insults at a hospital worker and scolding the worker for talking about someone's "skin color" after they called Trump "the orange man."

The video went viral after landing in the PublicFreakout subReddit.

The video, which was filmed by the patient himself, shows the man wandering the hallway while a hospital employee tells him he must stop yelling because he is disturbing other patients.

The man responded by accusing the employee of bothering him.

"I'm not disturbing no one, ma'am. You're disturbing me, ma'am."
"I'm gonna let you know now, ma'am. You're really starting to get on my nerves."

He then issued a veiled threat to the worker, claiming to know people in the White House.

"I'm letting you know right now, I have connections to the White House."
"Play with me."

It is at this point the hospital worker said:

"I don't care about the orange man."

The man filming became enraged, seemingly accusing the worker of racism for calling the President "orange."

"Oh, now you wanna start disrespecting people?"
"You wanna start calling people out by their color when you sit there and you wear that rainbow thing?"

The man then assumed the hospital worker's sexuality—presumably because they were wearing something with a rainbow—and hurled a homophobic insult.

"You're a disgrace. You make fun of orange people and you're a lick-a-lotta-puss?"
"You're disgusting."

The man then insulted the worker further before again accusing them of racism for calling the President "orange."

"That's why you can't get a man. You can't get a man because you are one."
"'Cause you are a man. How dare you talk about a person's skin color?"

On Reddit, people were equal parts amused and shocked by the video.

"He has connections though. TO THE WHITE HOUSE!" --BienOuiLa

" Politics aside, there's some serious delusions amongst trumps followers. Really hard not to see the cultyness of it." --CeramicsSeminar

"Something tells me a guy with a sh**ty tattoo of lips on his neck doesn't have connections to the White House." --stumpdawg

"I seriously hope this was a joke/fake. If not he is severely deranged and in need of some deprogramming." --stabbygun

"I'm a nurse in a hospital. Honestly a large chunk of the patients are deranged like this."

"Normal, well-adjusted people just don't end up in the hospital as often as crazies do." --playitleo

"People like him don't have connections... unless his dads a politician." --Big_Lavishness2040

"What a nasty piece of sh*t. His hate is off the charts. You know he hates himself." --hattrickjmr

"Terrible haircut, sad lipstick tattoos on neck, talks like an idiot. Yea this all checks out" --teamfu**ingsucks

"ORANGE LIVES MATTER [sarcasm]" --maxrebobandlive

"I can't get over how these dumb mother f'kers keep filming themselves. We used to have to hope someone else filmed their embarrassing behavior."

"Now they do it on their own because they are that f'king stupid to think THEY are in the right. Mind blowing." --magnoliamouth

"He seems to attempt to insult her by referring to her as a lesbian (lickalottapuss) who can't get a man, but then insists that she is a man, in which case lickalottapuss would actually be a compliment." --SmellGestapo

The video, which was posted to Reddit just 24 hours ago, had already received over 1,000 upvotes on the platform.